How to read and use your smart meter in-home display


Your smart meter works with the in-home display to help you keep an eye on your energy use and costs. Find out how to read your smart meter and understand the meter readings.

How to read and use your credit smart meter

You have a credit smart meter if you pay for your energy after you’ve used it.

Accessible Geo Trio is a talking in-home display that works with your smart meter

Accessible Geo Trio in-home display

Do you have an older in-home display that you can't see here? View the Geo Duet in-home display user guide (PDF 1.8MB) and Chameleon in-home display user guide (PDF 1.5MB).

How to use your smart Pay As You Go meter

You have a smart Pay As You Go (PAYG) meter, also called a prepayment smart meter, if you top it up with credit.

Chameleon 3 Pay As You Go in-home display

Geo Trio II Pay As You Go in-home display

Do you have an older in-home display that you can't see here? View the Geo Duet Pay As You Go in-home display user guide (PDF 2.1MB).

Smart meter tips and troubleshooting advice

Why is my smart meter not connecting?

Move the display closer to the meter if you have a weak signal, or you see the 'connecting to smart meter' message.

The more bars you can see in the top left of the screen, the stronger the connection to your smart meter.

How do I reset my smart meter in-home display?

You can reset your in-home display if you have connection issues or if it stops updating.

Check your in-home display user guide which explains how to do this.

Can I unplug my in-home display?

We recommend that you always leave your in-home display plugged in to the electricity mains and fully charged.

The built-in battery can last for up to four hours, so you can unplug it for a short while if you need to.

Where is the best place to keep my in-home display?

Leave your in-home display where you can see it, such as the kitchen or living room. This way you can keep an eye on how much energy you're using.

Keep your in-home display out of direct sunlight and away from anywhere it could get wet.

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