Take control of the cost of your energy

Managing risks when purchasing energy needs the right contract and the right tools. If you need to be in control of when and how much energy you buy, we’ll provide you with the right contract for your circumstances.

We’ll help you to make five key decisions: Call us on  0800 328 9030(1)

How flexible contracts work - The five steps to ultimate flexibility

1. Choose how far in to the future you need to buy your energy

  • 1 -3 years,
  • 3-5 years, or
  • 5+ years

2. Choose how changeable your energy usage is

  • Add or remove sites,
  • 10% or 20% volume tolerance, or
  • Bespoke for your needs

3. Choose how you purchase your energy

  • You can purchase your energy in blocks or in full

4. Choose how much of your non-energy costs you want to fix

  • Fix all third party costs or manage costs with variable options

5. Choose how much extra support you would like

  • Bespoke reporting
  • Service Level Agreements and Risk Management
  • Online monitoring and targeting support is available through EDF Energy’s Energy View