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Please use the links below to download our Terms and Conditions.

Fixed Price, American Express, Business Connect & Easy Fix

Terms and Conditions (PDF) 

Terms and Conditions (PDF) - For any contracts agreed on or before 29 February 2016
Terms and Conditions (PDF) - For any contracts agreed between 1 March 2016 - 21 January 2018

If you're looking to switch to us please call 0800 015 7787(1) or get an online quote.

Freedom for business

Terms and Conditions (PDF) 

Terms and Conditions (PDF) - For contracts agreed on or before 21 January 2018
Terms and Conditions (PDF) - Electricity / Terms and Conditions (PDF) - Gas  - For contracts agreed on or before 14 December 2017

More information about this contract, can be found here.

New Start

Terms and Conditions (PDF) 

Terms and Conditions (PDF)  - For contracts agreed on or before 21 January 2018

More information about this contract can be found here.

Recovery for business

Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Terms and Conditions (PDF) - For contracts agreed on or before 21 January 2018

More information about this contract, or for support with your account, please call us on 0800 096 2255(1).


Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Terms and Conditions (PDF)  - For contracts agreed on or before 21 January 2018

Former Tariff Customer Scheme

If you have not changed energy supplier since 2001 and have never signed a Fixed Term contract with EDF Energy, your electricity is supplied under the Terms and Conditions of a scheme known as the Former Tariff Customer Scheme, which was set up in 2001.

All pricing information shown in these Terms and Conditions refers to the original variable prices that applied at the time the Terms and Conditions were first issued. These prices have subsequently changed on a number of occasions, as permitted by the Terms and Conditions.

Please click on the applicable link for your supply area to view your Terms and Conditions.


Prices for all areas:

Prices from 30 November 2016 - SME Electricity Former Tariff prices (PDF)

Extended Supply

If you are on Extended Supply, please click on the relevant link below to download EDF Energy's variable Extended Supply energy prices.

Gas prices

Prices from 29 April 2014 - Extended Supply business gas prices (PDF)

Electricity prices

Prices from 30 November 2016 - Extended Supply business electricity prices (PDF)

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