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Fast EV home charging

Get speedy and reliable home car charging with a Pod Point 7kW EV smart home charger. 

Introducing Pod Point Solo 3 charger

Choose from two models:

Universal Socket

  • Compatible with all plug-in electric vehicles
  • Plug a separate cable into the socket 
  • Can be more cost-effective if you already own your own charging cable


  • Comes with a cable permanently attached
  • Sleek looking with no messy wires
  • Simply park up and plug in!

Solo 3 features and benefits

  • Easy home charging - track energy usage and manage costs along with other smart features in the Pod Point app
  • Get great charging costs - schedule charging to sync with your off-peak energy tariff, letting you charge at the cheapest times
  • Market-leading, 5-year warranty - get a 3-year warranty as standard, with a 5-year warranty available that covers both the charger and installation
  • Standard installation included - 90% of customers qualify for our Which? Trusted Trader endorsed installation service

View the Solo 3 technical specifications (PDF 656KB)

Family entering their home with a blue Tesla parked in their drive while it's charging using a Pod Point charger
Two side by side images displaying how the Pod Point app looks detailing information such as charging schedule and monthly usage

Maximise your Pod Point charging experience

Use the Pod Point app on your smart phone and make the most of your Solo 3 home charger:

  • Schedule charging 
  • View charging activity 
  • Keep track of costs and energy 

Learn more about the Pod Point app 

Get our Pod Point EV exclusive tariff

Charge smart with the energy tariff that's only available to EDF Pod Point charger customers:

  • Enjoy off-peak rates of just 8.49p per kWh to power your car and home appliances for less
  • Do your 20 mile commute for as little as 49p!(1)
  • 5 hours of off-peak electricity at just 8.49p per kWh every night
  • One year fixed price for total peace of mind
  • Exit fees apply: £75 per fuel
Pod Point logo

Pod Point is part of our EDF family

Pod Point joined us in 2020. As the leading UK home charging provider, Pod Point offers chargers for home and business, and access to more than 5,200 charging bays across the UK.

Our joint goal is to put an electric vehicle charge point everywhere you need to park.

Your guide to electric car home charger installation

Man checking his mobile phone with a pod point charger in the back ground charging a black electric car

Can I get a home car charging point installed?

To have a home charge point installed for your car you need to have:

  • Dedicated off-street parking
  • Wi-Fi connection at your property or a SIM router with a 3G or 4G SIM (for Pod Point home chargers)
  • Permission from your landlord (if you’re renting)
  • Live in Great Britain
Man showing friends his Pod Point charger

What's included in home installation?

  • Fitting of your home charger on a brick or plaster wall, or to another suitable permanent structure
  • Up to 15 metres of cable, neatly clipped to the wall. It'll run between your electricity supply meter, main distribution board and your home charger
  • An electrical certificate to show your installation meets UK standard wiring regulations 

What's in a standard installation and what happens if extra work is needed

Frequently asked questions about EV home charging

A 7kW Pod Point Solo 3 smart charger costs from £999 to install. In some cases, the price of the Pod Point Solo 3 smart charger may be less than this, due to subsidised pricing agreed with vehicle manufacturers.

Tethered charge points have a long cable and are available with either a Type 1 or Type 2 connector:

  • Most new EVs come with a Type 2 connector, but it's worth checking before getting a tethered charge point
  • A socketed charge point is a charging station with no cable
  • Socketed charge points can charge any electric car with a fast charging cable

This depends on the size of your car battery and the speed of the charging point. With a 7kW charging point, it takes just under eight hours to fully charge an electric car with a 60kWh battery.

Kilowatt (kW) refers to the power rating of a home charge point. It's the maximum amount of power that can be drawn from the socket at any time. A 7kW home charger will charge your car three times faster than a three-pin plug.

In the UK, 3-7kW chargers are the most recommended popular choice. Some homes have a single-phase (AC) electricity supply and can support the additional 7kW load. Homes with a three-phase (AC) supply can use a more powerful charger of up to 22kW.  You always need to check with the installer that your fuse board has enough spare capacity to support the additional load of a home charging station.

Ready to charge your electric car at home?

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