Electric heating systems - low carbon heating in your home

Find efficient heating options that reduce your carbon footprint:

Reduce your carbon footprint with new electric heating

Did you know that almost 30% of the UK's total greenhouse emissions comes from heating our homes? As Britain's biggest generator of zero carbon electricity(1), we're very much focused on achieving Net Zero and helping you lower your carbon footprint. Electric heating isn't only low carbon but could help you save energy and warm up your home more efficiently.

Your electric heating options

You can choose from two low carbon electric heating options with us. If you're renovating your home, or just thinking about upgrading your central heating, you may want to consider a new electric heating system. You may even be able to get renewable heat funding with some heating options. 

Electric storage heaters

Air source heat pumps

Dimplex Quantum storage heater in home study

Upgrade your old storage heater to the Dimplex Quantum - the most economical, low carbon, off-peak electric heater on the market. Prices start from £2,900 for a typical 2-bedroom home, including installation. 

View average running costs of our new electric storage heaters and how they compare with other options. 

Air Source Heat Pump outside couples home

Low carbon air source heat pumps can last for 20 years or more, so more than a gas boiler. They could save you £1,525 over ten years and reduce your carbon footprint by 65%(2).

Starting from £8,999 for an average 3 bed home. Includes 7kw low-temperature air source heat pump, installation, new water tank and radiators with a 5-year warranty.

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Three main reasons to choose electric heating

1. Reduce your carbon footprint

As Britain’s biggest generator of zero-carbon electricity(1), we're supporting the government's Net Zero goal. With our electric heating options, we're helping you lower your carbon footprint and heat your home in a more sustainable way.

2. More efficient heating

While gas might be cheaper, air source heat pumps are up to 3.5x more efficient(3) than gas boilers. You could save £1,548 over ten years and reduce your carbon emissions by 64% against a new boiler(2).

3. Zero carbon electricity tariffs

With a fully electric home, you pay one standing charge and get one easy-to-understand bill. You have a better choice of tariffs and if you get a smart meter you could get new time-of-use tariffs with cheaper rates.

Electric heating advice

Here are some more guides about low carbon heating and how to update your current heating system. You can also head to the heating advice section for more information. 

Making the most of your electric heating

Insulation and electric heating

Low carbon heating works brilliantly but a house with no insulation loses around 33% of its heat through walls and 25% of heat through the roof. Insulation can save up to £530 per year on bills(4).

Smart meters and electric heating

Your smart meter comes with an in-home display to help you see your energy use as you're using it. You'll also have a better choice of electricity tariffs helping you match your energy use to your lifestyle.