Move toward zero-carbon with our electric heating options

Whether you're already electric or looking to make the switch, we can help you lower your carbon footprint:

Your electric heating options

With the UK boiler ban on the horizon and government subsidies for heating to support the switch to low-carbon alternatives like for electric cars, the range of electric heating options is increasing.

Dimplex Quantum storage heater in home study

Storage heaters

from £2,900
for typical 2 bed home incl. installation

Upgrade your old storage heater to the Dimplex Quantum, the most advanced, economical, off-peak electric heater on the market. Get heat when you need it, not when you don't.

Air Source Heat Pump outside couples home

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps create heat from outside air. Unlike a new gas boiler, they can last for 20 years or more(1), save you £1,525 over 10 years and put 65% less carbon(2) out into the world.

Starting from £8,999 for an average 3 bed home: includes 7kw low-temperature Air-Souce Heat Pump, installation, new water tank and radiators with a 5-year warranty.

Hybrid heat pumps

Upgrade to a hybrid heat pump that works with your existing Oil/LPG boiler, meaning you fill up less often, costing you less and reducing your carbon footprint. You can also qualify for a £1,610 grant.

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How much electric heating might cost?

Electric storage heaters

electric and storage heater running costs for a 1960s house. Can't see the image? Read about it here:

Based on a 65m2 2 bed home as built with typical 1960s building regulations as found in this detailed report

Why choose electric heating?

The greener choice

As the Britain’s biggest generator of zero-carbon electricity(3), we're fully supportive of the government's Net Zero ambition - our electric heating solutions will help you lower your carbon footprint and heat your home in a more sustainable way.

More efficient than a boiler

While gas might be cheaper, even the newest boilers are only 93% efficient. Air source heat pumps though, are up to 3.5x more efficient(4) and turn one unit of electricity into 3.5 units of heat. Save £1,548 over 10 years and reduce your carbon emissions by 64% against a new boiler(2).

Zero-carbon tariffs

With a full electric home, you pay one standing charge and get one easy to understand bill. You have more tariffs to take advantage of, like Economy 7, and if you get a smart meter you could get new time-of-use tariffs with cheaper rates.

Electric heating advice

Insulation available on the ECO scheme

Insulation and electric heating

Low carbon heating works brilliantly but a house with no insulation loses around 33% of its heat through walls and 25% of heat through the roof(5). Get insulation installed and save up to £530 per year on bills(6).

You may be eligible for govenment grants to help subsidise your upgrades.

Make your electric heating even smarter

Our range of smart products can help you save money without even thinking about it.

Picture of smart radiator valves

Smart radiator valves

There’s no point heating an empty room, but manual radiator valves rely on you remembering to turn them down. Let a smart radiator valve do that for you.

Picture of a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats

Our great range of smart, learning thermostats will adjust your heating automatically depending on the weather, the time of day and your settings.

Picture of a smart home assistant

Smart voice control

Control your home's heating with a smart home assistant such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, which also gives you remote control via their smartphone apps.

EDF Smart Meter Installation keeping you safe

Are you an existing customer? A smart meter could help you save energy

Smart meters show you how much you’re spending in pounds and pence, and send your meter readings automatically so you receive more accurate bills. Your smart meter comes with an in-home display to help you see your energy use as you're using it.

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