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How we do business is just as important as what we do.

Meet our Executive Team

The Executive Team, under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer operating under the authority of the Board, direct and manage all matters connected with the day to day running of EDF other than those which have been reserved by the Board for decision and/or approval.

Simone Rossi

Chief Executive Officer

Simone Rossi is the Chief Executive Officer of EDF Energy and a member of the Executive Committee of EDF Group.

Simone has been CEO since 1 November 2017. He was the EDF Group Senior Executive Vice President in charge of the International Division from 2015 to 2017, and Chief Financial Officer at EDF Energy from April 2011.

He started his career in 1993 in the Treasury Department of De Agostini in Novara (Italy), moved to Management Consulting with KPMG Corporate Finance and from 1996 in McKinsey&Co, Milan (Italy), where he served various Financial Institutions, Industrial and Energy clients. In 2004 he joined Edison SpA in Milan (Italy) as Head of Strategy, and in 2009, he moved to Constellation Energy Nuclear Group in Baltimore (USA) as Chief Financial Officer.

Simone Rossi enjoys playing instruments and has a Degree in Clarinet from Istituto Puccini.

Stuart Crooks

Managing Director, Hinkley Point C

Stuart started his career as an apprentice aged 16 and progressed through various technical and engineering roles in Stations including Dungeness, Hartlepool and Heysham.

After five years as Chief Technical Officer, he was appointed Managing Director of Generation and led the safe operation of EDF Energy’s UK fleet of nuclear, coal, gas and renewables.

Stuart is now the Managing Director of Hinkley Point C, and has held this post since 2017. Stuart’s vision and commitment has seen HPC, one of Europe’s largest construction sites, make significant progress on schedule and to the exacting quality and safety standards required.

Passionate about skills and diversity, Stuart is a champion for apprentices, women in nuclear and working parents. In 2019, Stuart was awarded a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for services to Nuclear Energy.


Mark Hartley

Managing Director, Nuclear Operations

Dr Mark Hartley was appointed Managing Director, Nuclear Operations, in April 2023.

Mark joined the industry in 1997 and has since held several executive positions within the UK Nuclear Operations business, such as the Engineering Director and Chief Nuclear Officer, responsible for all operations in half the UK’s existing nuclear fleet before joining Hinkley Point C as Technical Director.

In 2020, Mark established the Technical Client Organisation as Managing Director, alongside his role at Hinkley Point C, to bring together the technical and licensing capability across the nuclear life cycle. In December 2022, Mark was appointed Interim Managing Director of Sizewell C and led the team in taking a more integrated approach to delivering our EPR programme before becoming Managing Director of Nuclear Operations.

A strong advocate of Women’s rights, Mark is the executive sponsor of EDF’s employee Women’s Network.

Paul Spence

Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs

Paul joined the EDF Energy Executive Team in January 2009 and leads the Research and Development (R&D), Strategy, Policy and regulation, Sustainability, and Communications teams for EDF's business activities in the UK. He also chairs EDF's UK R&D centre. 

Before their acquisition by EDF in 2009, Paul held the position of Head of Strategy and Business Development for British Energy. He spent 17 years with Accenture as a Partner, responsible for the UK Energy Strategy and Human Performance practices. Paul's early career included time with Davy McKee (London) Limited and Ford Motor Company.

Paul serves on the board of Energy UK and the Nuclear Industry Association and is a Fellow of the Energy Institute. Passionate about diversity, Paul is the Executive Sponsor of EDF's employee RACE Network.

Philippe Commaret

Managing Director, Customers

Philippe has held the position of Managing Director of Customers for EDF in the UK since January 2020. This role oversees EDF’s entire residential and business customer and wholesale optimisation activities in the UK.

Philippe joined EDF Group in 2000, and prior to this, he was a Consultant. He has held various roles within the Customers division in France and was appointed Marketing Director for the Business to Business market in 2008. 

In 2014, he moved to Strasbourg and was appointed Managing Director of ES (Energies Strasbourg), a subsidiary of EDF Group in the East of France. In 2018, he became Director of Sales, East of France, EDF Group before joining the UK customers team. 

Philippe is passionate about employee wellbeing and is the Executive Sponsor of the Disability and Carers Network.

Rob Guyler

Chief Financial Officer

Rob Guyler is Chief Financial Officer of EDF Energy. He has been with British Energy and, subsequently, EDF Energy for 25 years. A chartered accountant, having qualified with Coca-Cola Schweppes and Mars Confectionery. Before joining EDF Energy, Rob spent several years in Management Consultancy with Price Waterhouse.

Rob has undertaken a number of finance management roles, both operational and corporate, including that of Group Financial Controller for British Energy Group plc. and Finance, Commercial and IT Director of EDF Energy Generation.

Rob is a strong supporter of LGBTQ+ network and takes an active role being the executive sponsor, promoting this both in EDF and the Energy Industry as a whole.

Carol McArthur

Chief People Officer

Carol has been the Chief People Officer and a member of the Executive Team of EDF since December 2017. Responsible for the EDF HR Strategy and organisation in the UK as well as corporate Health & Safety and Property & Facilities. She has worked in the energy industry for over 30 years, beginning at Torness Nuclear Power Station in the late 1980s. 

She was the Corporate HR Director with British Energy, becoming part of EDF Energy upon the acquisition of British Energy in 2009. Carol is also a Non-Executive Director of the New Nuclear Build (NNB)  Generation Company (Hinkley Point C) Limited Board.

Carol’s passions include improving diversity and inclusion within EDF and psychological well-being. Her simple aim is to ensure that everyone feels welcome in an environment that enables them and the business to succeed.


Joe Souto

Chief Legal Officer

Joe Souto is the Chief Legal Officer (CLO) of EDF and a member of the EDF Executive Team and the Customers Executive Team. 

Appointed as CLO in April 2019, Joe joined the energy sector in 1997 as a graduate with SEEBOARD plc. In 2002, he was appointed to create and lead the first legal function for the retail division of the newly formed EDF UK Group. He then progressed across a number of roles within the EDF UK Legal Division before joining the EDF Customers Executive Team in 2017 and later the central EDF Executive Team in 2019.

Joe is a qualified practising UK solicitor, admitted to the roll of Solicitors in November 1999 and holds the dubious record of being the longest-ever serving EDF lawyer, with over 26 years of UK energy sector experience.

EDF Board of directors

The overriding objective of the Board is to provide a management framework in which EDF operates to the highest ethical and health and safety standards and its investments are preserved and enhanced through establishing a culture of zero harm and zero tolerance to bribery and fraud.

The purpose of the Board is to provide proper stewardship of EDF, providing vision and leadership to supervise the management of EDF's business, to grow value responsibly in a sustainable manner, ensuring that EDF's fiscal and statutory obligations are met and that shareholder value is preserved and enhanced.

Our current board members:

Non-Executive Directors

  • Luc Remont
  • Brice Bohuon
  • Caroline Chanavas
  • Etienne Dutheil
  • Xavier Girre
  • Sylvie Jehanno
  • Veronique Lacour
  • Xavier Ursat

Executive Directors

  • Chief Executive Officer: Simone Rossi (Chairman)
  • Chief Financial Officer: Rob Guyler

Our sustainable business progress update

How we’re supporting an affordable, secure and just transition.

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EDF group

EDF is proud to be a part of the EDF Group, the world's largest electricity generator, with over 170,000 employees across the world and over 40 million customers worldwide. 

Corporate policies and statements

Corporate Governance & S.172 Directors Duties Statements

In accordance with the Companies (Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018 (the Regulations) a number of companies within the EDF Energy Group (EDF Energy) are required to publish a statement providing details of their corporate governance arrangements (Corporate Governance Statement) and/or a statement explaining how the Directors of that company have given due regard to their duties to promote the success of the company in accordance to section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 (S.172 Directors Duties Statement).

These statements together set out the key governance structures of those companies subject to the Regulations and articulates the work of the Boards of those companies along with their committees and management in upholding good governance and engaging with stakeholders when taking decisions. 

Following approval of each company as part of the Annual Report & Financial Statements process, the following statements can be found here:

  1. EDF Energy Holdings Limited – S.172 Directors Duties Statement (2022)
  2. EDF Energy Limited - Corporate Governance Statement & S.172 Directors Duties Statement (including Workforce & Stakeholder Engagement Statements) (2022)
  3. EDF Energy Customers Limited - Corporate Governance Statement & S.172 Directors Duties Statement (including Workforce & Stakeholder Engagement Statements) (2022)
  4. EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited - Corporate Governance Statement & S.172 Directors Duties Statement (including Workforce & Stakeholder Engagement Statements) (2022)
  5. EDF (Thermal Generation) Limited – S.172 Directors Duties Statement (2022)
  6. EDF Energy (UK) Limited - S.172 Directors Duties Statement (2022)
  7. EDF Energy Lake Limited - S.172 Directors Duties Statement (2022)
  8. EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Group Limited - S.172 Directors Duties Statement (2022)
  9. Lake Acquisitions Limited - S.172 Directors Duties Statement (2022)
  10. Cheshire Cavity Storage 1 Limited – S.172 Directors Duties Statement (2022)

EDF Energy has a robust corporate governance framework and is committed to upholding good governance and ensuring good governance practices are maintained. As a result, the approved statements demonstrate EDF Energy’s continued commitment to fostering a framework of good governance and how the directors have regard to the matters set out in s.172 Companies Act 2006 when performing their duties.