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Everything electric

We've got everything you need to go electric! From electric vehicle leasing deals and home charging points to zero carbon electricity EV tariffs(1).

Electric car tariffs

All our tariffs are designed to match EV charging needs with home energy use, but suited to different household lifestyles.

Tesla Model S front view

GoElectric Overnight

  • Made for medium to high mileage users
  • Charge up your electric vehicle for under £10 overnight(2)
  • Save cash and carbon while you sleep with 5 hours of off-peak electricity at just 9p per kWh
  • Do your 20 mile commute for as little as 51p(3)
  • Backed by zero carbon nuclear electricity(4)

EDF EVolve

  • Great for low to medium drivers
  • Save £200 a year(5) - you'll never pay more than the price cap(6)
  • 12am-5am off-peak unit rates every day
  • Accurate bills taken from automatic half-hourly meter reads
  • All our fixed tariffs come with 100% zero carbon nuclear electricity as standard(4)
Pod Point charger on wall with hand holding the charge unit

Exclusive Pod Point charger customer tariff

Exclusively available to Pod Point EV home charger customers

  • Ideal for medium to high mileage users
  • Do your 20 mile commute for as little as 49p!(7)
  • 5 hours of off-peak electricity at just 8.49p per kWh every night
  • One year fixed price for total peace of mind
  • Backed by zero carbon nuclear electricity(4)
Pod Point Solo home charger on a white wall

Charge your electric vehicle at home

We've joined forces with Pod Point to give you fast, safe and Wi-Fi enabled home chargers that are compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands.

From £999(8) (inc. VAT)

Lease a brand new electric car

We've teamed up with DriveElectric, one of the UK’s leading electric car leasing providers, to bring you the best electric cars at an affordable price.

From £226 per month (inc. VAT)

EV rally finish line

Join us at the London to Brighton Electric Vehicle Rally 2024!

Experience an unforgettable day for everyone! 

We’re proud to be sponsoring this year's London to Brighton Electric Vehicle Rally - in fact, it's now our fourth year!

We’re doing everything we can to help Britain achieve net zero, and we believe electric vehicles (EV) play a huge part in driving our net zero future.

On 22 June, join us and a convoy of 100 cutting-edge EVs as we embark on a green adventure, cruising through iconic landscapes, and making a statement for sustainable mobility.

Get on the road to Net Zero

We're busy helping get Britain on the road to a Net Zero future

Watch our new TV ad and join us on the road to net zero travel!

With our Go Electric Overnight tariff everyone can charge up their electric vehicles for under £10.(9) Charge up for just 9p/kWh for 5 hours off-peak every night.(2)

Electric vehicle charging in garage

Learn more about electric vehicles

A man and his child stood next to their VW electric vehicle

Why choose an electric vehicle?

Electric cars are better for a number of reasons. As well as helping us go low-carbon, they're cost efficient, comfortable and provide a great performance.

What's the cost of electric vehicles?

Find out what an electric car costs to buy and charge – upfront and over a lifetime. If you have a particular car in mind, we'll help you work out how much it'll cost to run.

EV battery

How do electric vehicles work?

There are different types of electric cars (EVs), from hybrids to pure electric. Read about how electric cars work and find a car that suits your lifestyle.

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