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We’re the UK's largest producer of low-carbon electricity. We believe generating and supplying electricity isn’t just about power. It’s about the power to transform lives and futures. Do you like the sound of the electric future? Then join us! We’re here to help you take the first steps on your electric adventures.

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Spend less

Get 10 hours of super cheap off-peak charging each week night and for the whole weekend. Enough to fully charge your electric car (1)

100% renewable tariff

Get our special GoElectric tariff designed just for electric car owners (2)

Get free miles

Enjoy up to 10,000 miles free for a year(3) with our complete tariff, charger and car option


Fixed price electric offerings for businesses

We provide fixed price packages that make it clear and simple to take your business vehicles electric.

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How do electric cars work?

Electric cars have a large lithium-ion battery that powers the car instead of a traditional fuel engine. The batteries are rechargeable so you need to plug them into an electricity socket to get power.

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Ready to start your electric adventures? That’s great! We’ve got you covered with one of our options. Get set up with an electric car, charger and our competitive GoElectric tariff.

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