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Heating advice

  • problems with your existing heating?
  • thinking about upgrading your heating?
  • want to know more about heating that is better for the planet?
Installer carrying a solar panel

Low carbon heating jargon buster

Confused by all the low carbon heating terms you're seeing? Our jargon buster is here to help! 

Couples home with Air Source Heat Pump unit outside

Complete guide to air source heat pumps

Find out all you need to know about air source heat pumps

lady turning up the heating in home

Heating grants and funding

Read about the Boiler Upgrade Scheme that can help you pay for your home's new heating system, such as air source heat pump.

engineer replacing a boiler with a new one

Guide to new boiler replacement costs

Know what to expect when replacing your boiler. From costs, to how often and what to choose - we answer all your questions. 

lady and cat getting warm with an electric heater

Electric vs. gas heating: which is best?

Find out the differences between gas and electric heating and what's better for your pocket and our planet. 

Family in home with Dimplex Quantum storage heater installed

Storage heaters explained

Find out how modern storage heaters can save you money on your bills and are easy to use.  

lady in a kitchen with a white gas boiler

UK gas boiler ban - everything you need to know

Read about the boiler ban starting in 2025 and find out if you need to do anything to prepare. 

couple relaxed in a green home

Greener alternatives to gas boilers

Does your boiler need replacing? Find out what low carbon options are available that reduce your bills and carbon footprint.

friends having lunch in a conservatory

Conservatory insulation

Insulating your conservatory would make it usable all year round. Find out how to do it.

partially insulated house showing heat loss

What is insulation?

Your full guide on everything there is to know on insulation. Find out why it's worth doing and how much it could save you on your energy bills.

boiler being serviced and inspected by an engineer

Gas boiler service

Is it worth having your boiler serviced? How often should you do it? Read our full boiler servicing guide.

boiler pressure gauge high

Boiler pressure guide

Do you know what to do when the boiler pressure goes down and why it may be? Read our handy guide.

domestic heating oil storage tank in a garden

Heating oil prices: why pay more?

Do you use oil for heating your home? Find out how to make the most of it. 

engineer fixing a boiler leak

Boiler leaking water

Find out what may cause your boiler to leak and what to do when it happens.

boiler engineer repairing a gas boiler that's insured

Choosing the best boiler cover

Find out how to get the best boiler cover for your needs and make sure you have heating and hot water. 

warm home with underfloor heating and insulation

Floor insulation guide

How easy is it to put floor insulation down and is it worth it? Find out in our complete guide.