Working to benefit local people

We know that a project of the scale of Hinkley Point C can have huge effects on the local community; there may be disruption to local traffic, construction noise and impacts on the environment. But there are also enormous opportunities; from new jobs to contracts for local businesses and suppliers as well as our education, skills and training initiatives, local people will gain now and in future generations.

We take our responsibility for minimising local disturbance and creating maximum local benefit very seriously. We have been working with community representatives to put long-term plans in place to ensure it. We are committed to transparency around the work being done, which is why up-to-date and accurate information about the work being done and its likely effects is always available online and at our Visitor Centre in Bridgwater.


Being part of the community

Hinkley Point C will bring an estimated 25,000 job opportunities, boost the local economy and offer significant prospects for businesses in the local area. We will deliver improvements to local infrastructure. And the area’s young people will have access to vital education and skills programmes.

We have set up a £20 million Community Fund for improvements for communities most affected by the development of Hinkley Point C. The first £7.2million of the fund has already supported a number of exciting projects.

Being a good neighbour

Our Main Site, Community and Transport Forums meet regularly, helping us to keep in touch with our closest neighbours and offer regular updates on progress.

More information, including the notes and supporting documents for the meetings of the Main Site, Community and Transport Forums, is available here

What's going on now?

This is an overview of work taking place related to Hinkley Point C that may affect you.

If you’d like to discuss any of the activities listed below, please drop in to the EDF Energy Visitor Centre, Angel Place Shopping Centre, Bridgwater, TA6 3TQ. We’re open 9.00am-4pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am-1pm on a Saturday.

For further information you can call us freephone on 0800 0969 650 at any time, or email us at

We’re sorry for any inconvenience these works may cause.

Work / itemTimings and durationLocationYou may experience

Site construction activities 

Throughout March

Hinkley Point C Site

Noise from activity associated with construction work.

Jetty construction

Throughout March

On the inter tidal area of the Hinkley Point C site

Visibility of activity associated with jetty construction.

Southern landscaping and Hinkley Campus construction

Throughout March

Along the southern boundary of the Hinkley Pont C land

 Noise and visibility of planting activity associated with landscaping. Campus construction continues, all units now in place.

Junction 23 park and ride and freight management facility


Near Junction 23 of M5

 Parking facility now in operation. Freight Management area soon to be online.

Junction 23 roundabout signalisation


At junction 23 of M5

Signalisation now in operation, the new lights at M5 Junction 23 are being closely monitored to optimise the performance of the junction.

Sedgemoor Campus

Throughout March

 In the vicinity of the old Innovia site, Bath Road, Bridgwater

Noise from activity associated with campus construction.

Traffic lights and lane narrowing/footpath diversions will be noticed by road users.

Permanent stopping up of Frederick Road early March (see FAQs below for more information on Frederick Road).

Cannington park and ride

Throughout March

South of Cannington on the A39

Noise from construction activity. Lane narrowing will be noticed by road users.

Frequently asked questions

Bridgwater Campus

What is being built?

We are building campuses in Bridgwater and at the Hinkley Point C site to accommodate workers who move to the area. The Bridgwater Campus is the largest of these developments. The site is located on part of a former plastics factory to the north of the A39 (Bath Road).

The campus will provide living space and recreational facilities for 850 workers within 25 separate accommodation buildings. The campus is designed with an amenity building which includes a canteen, laundry and gym. One full size and two 5-a-side pitches will also be available on the site for use by our workers and members of the public at certain times.

When will it be finished?

We are confident the campus will be operational in 2018 and we expect it to be operational for about six and a half years. When we no longer need the temporary accommodation the site will most likely be developed for permanent housing. After being used for Hinkley Point C, the buildings will be removed but key infrastructure will be maintained for future development. We’ve been working closely with Sedgemoor District Council and the infrastructure we’re developing fits well with their long term plans for Bridgwater.

Why are you housing workers in Bridgwater?

Some staff have already moved permanently to the area, or commute in. Others already rent locally, and about 500 will live on the campus we’re also building on the Hinkley Point C Site. The campus in Bridgwater will temporarily host almost 1000 workers.

Why have you removed the plans for accommodation at Bridgwater and Taunton College?

Our plans have evolved and it’s more efficient if we have a single accommodation campus in Bridgwater. The Planning Inspectorate authorized this change in autumn 2017. Hinkley Point C will provide vital low carbon electricity for a generation, require 900 permanent job opportunities for its planned 60 years of operation, generate £4 billion of investment into the south west economy and leave a lasting legacy of increased skills employment opportunities more widely. Bridgwater itself is receiving a very sizeable benefit, which includes huge investment that’s explained well here.

Aren’t the workers going to cause problems?

We don’t expect them to, they will be working hard and will need to relax and wind-down when they are not working. There will be comprehensive facilities for the workers including sports pitches and welfare facilities.

All our workers will have signed up to our code-of conduct and we expect them to comply with this. If they don’t we’ll take action. We have also developed comprehensive plans to support our workers and neighbouring communities to ensure there is successful integration. The Police have additional resource and Sedgemoor District Council have been funded to have an extensive package of community support. You can find out more by contacting Kristy Blackwell at the Together Team on 01278 435216.

Is the site contaminated?

Not anymore. It used to be when the site was formerly a factory, but has been extensively cleaned up by specialist contractors. The Environment Agency and Environmental Health Officers have full visibility of what contamination was removed. If any remedial contamination is identified during the build it will be properly managed.

What else have you done in the area?

We’ve already invested over £1million in sports facilities in the area, we’ve built two great new replacement football pitches, helped fund a club house and are working closely with local schools and Bridgwater and Taunton College. We will operate the campus sensitively, and plan to enable residents to use the sports pitches when our workers are not using them.

We will share more on how we will operate the campus when our plans are fully developed. If you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them.

There is also a multi-million community fund that community groups can apply to. More information is available at

What are you doing with all the other land you own nearby?

We’re responsibly managing the land we’ve acquired, including, Sydenham Manor, the listed building we own. It’s probable that land not required for the Hinkley Point C temporary campus will be sold for residential and commercial development, and we’ll continue to work with the Council to align with their long term plans where possible for this area. Our core business is producing low carbon electricity.

Cannington Park & Ride

When are the works starting?

Construction has commenced at the Cannington Park and Ride site. Currently the team have mobilised to site and are carrying out enabling works to install a site compound, turning circle and parking for visitors during construction.

When are the works due to complete?

The works are due to complete in the summer of 2018.

Where is the site located?

The Park and Ride construction site is located to the south west of Cannington to the east of the A39. A map and letter sent to neighbours is available here.

What are the entrance details?

Entry to the site will be via a left turn only from the A39. Due to the speed of the road and the location of the current site entrance it is only safe to turn in left rather than across oncoming traffic. This also applies to exiting the site, left hand turn out down the A39 towards the first Cannington roundabout.

Will the original entrance be used for the new development?

No a new site entrance will be constructed as part of the new development.

Will there be any traffic lights on the bypass during construction?

There will be occasional need for temporary traffic lights on the A39 in order to aid access and egress of site deliveries in the first three weeks, before the turning circle is complete. There may also be need for temporary lights for short durations at various points in construction but there will not be temporary lights in this area for the full duration of construction.

Will there be a speed restriction in place?

Yes, a 30 mph speed limit will be implemented throughout the Cannington Park and Ride construction.  It has been decided that this restriction will be put in place from Sandford Corner through to the second Cannington roundabout in order to enclose both Cannington Park and Ride works and Somerset County Council works and will be in place for 12 months.

How many parking spaces will there be once the park and ride is completed?

252 in total including 239 car parking spaces, seven disabled spaces and six mini bus spaces.

Who will be using the Park and Ride?

Cannington Park and Ride will primarily be used by visitors to Hinkley Point C and infrequent workforce on-site.

What are the working hours for the construction?

We are restricted through planning conditions to the hours of 08:00 and 19:00 Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays) and 08:00 and 13:00 hours on Saturdays, unless otherwise approved by Sedgemoor District Council. Although we hold the right to work on Saturdays there is currently no Saturday working scheduled.

Who is building the park and ride?

Somerset Infrastructure Alliance (SIA) is building the park and ride on our behalf.

Highway works

What infrastructure do you have near junction 23 of the M5?

In early 2018 we officially opened our park and ride and freight management facility. It was delivered on time and to budget. This site is part of our wider transport strategy to minimise vehicle movements through Bridgwater. In addition, we also signalised the roundabout above the M5. Making this motorway junction run more efficiently during busy periods.


Sandford Corner

Will any additional works need to take place at Sandford Corner?

There are a small number of remedial repairs that need to be carried out at Sandford Corner, which will be carried out the weekend of 10th and 11th March.

Will traffic management be required?

Yes, 4-way traffic lights will be temporarily installed during these works. The decision has been taken to carry out the works during the weekend to cause minimal disruption to road users.

Why do these works need to be carried out?

These works are to be carried out before Somerset County Council adopt the roundabout and road layout.


Roadworks – Bath Road and Frederick Road

Is Frederick Road being closed permanently?

Frederick Road will be “stopped up” at its junction with Bath Road. It is not being closed completely.

The access onto Bath Road from Frederick Road is being permanently closed. This is because the new access to the campus will be located opposite Frederick Road and involves traffic lights and new filter lanes for the junction. The closure is required to ensure it is safe and continues to keep traffic flowing on the Bath Road. We’re working with Somerset County Council to ensure the modification is designed and constructed effectively.

The campus site already has permission for future housing once the accommodation campus is no longer in use. This new housing will use the same road access as the campus, meaning the stopping up of Frederick Road will need to be permanent in order to maintain safety and traffic flow.

letter was sent to residents living near where the work is taking place in February.

The official permission to undertake this work is here.

Appropriate signage will be in place to ensure drivers are fully aware before the road is permanently stopped up.

Will it cause rat running in neighbouring streets?

Signage and advanced warning will be carefully managed to help all road users. Somerset County Council are ultimately responsible for the road network and they oversee and approve all changes.

Will footpaths be affected?

Yes, footpaths will be closed/or diverted temporarily during the works. This is for the safety of the public and to ensure we can build the scheme as quickly as possible.

Will temporary alternative footpaths be in place for pedestrians?

Yes, there will be alternative routes as part of the diversion for the footpath closures – these will be clearly marked.

How long will these roadworks be taking place?

Once started, the current programme is 44 weeks.

Will there be temporary traffic restrictions on Bath Road?

The works on Bath Road will commence on the 6th November 2017. Temporary traffic lights will be installed for three weeks and will run for 24 hours per day, from 8th - 12th January and 22nd January - 2nd February. This is to protect the safety of the workforce, general public and all road users.

After this period the temporary lights will be removed but lanes will be narrowed slightly. We will work hard to keep traffic flowing smoothly as we undertake this work. We apologies for any inconvenience caused by these works.

How will the traffic be managed?

The Traffic Management Plan has been agreed with Somerset County Council through temporary traffic road orders allowing us to take possession of the highway to complete the works. The local subcontractor will manage the traffic and ensure that all is set out as per agreed Traffic Management plans. These will be monitored and adjusted accordingly if improvements need to be made.

Why are the works needed?

The road works are required to support the development of the new campus accommodation and to ensure minimal disruption to the Bath Road from the campus entrance when it is in operation by improving the road layout.

What are the working hours?

The working hours are 7am – 7pm on weekdays as per the agreed working hours within the Development Consent Order. We could also work 7am -1pm on Saturdays should we need to.


Cannington Park and Ride

Why are these works taking place?

An access point to the park and ride is being created so we can safely construct and operate a temporary park and ride in Cannington.

Will we see temporary traffic lights?

There is only minimal temporary traffic light usage planned for the works being carried out at Cannington Park and Ride. Two-way traffic will be maintained as far as possible.

Will there be a speed restriction on the A39?

Yes, there is a 30 mph speed restriction on the A39 for safety.

How will the road change once work has been completed?

A new entrance is being installed to the Park and Ride facility. This junction will be a left-hand turn only for entering and exiting the site.

For further information on the Cannington Park and Ride, and associate works, please see the Cannington Park and Ride tab within the FAQs section. 


Why are the number of lorry movements to Hinkley Point C increasing?

The HPC project is seeking permission from the relevant authorities to temporarily increase the number of HGV movements by up to 250 per day until the jetty on site is fully operational. The request is being made to help ensure the build of Hinkley Point C remains on schedule. Details about the request can be found here.

Is this a large increase?

To help put this into context approximately 16,000 vehicles are on the A39 south of Cannington every day, so the requested increase is relatively small.

How long would the proposed increase in HGVs last for?

This is linked to our jetty becoming fully operational. The jetty will enable 80 per cent of the aggregates needed to build the power station to be brought to the site by sea rather than by road. It is expected to be completed at the end of next year and become fully operational in 2019.

Why isn’t the Jetty ready yet?

We are making good progress with work on the jetty. Road improvement works, including a bypass for the village of Cannington, were planned and completed ahead of the completion of the jetty in order to minimise impact on the local road network.

How does this affect EDF Energy’s commitment to move 80% of construction materials by sea?

EDF Energy’s commitment to deliver 80% of aggregate material by sea once the jetty is available remains in place.

What hours of the day are HGVs allowed to travel to Hinkley Point?

HGV deliveries are not permitted on the local highway network between the hours of 22:00 and 07:00 (Monday to Saturday), other than in exceptional circumstances agreed with the Somerset authorities. HGVs on the local highway network on Sundays or on public holidays are not permitted.

Will there be HGV movements on a Sunday?

We are not seeking to change the existing permission in relation to Sundays - HGV deliveries on Sundays or Public Holidays are not permitted.

What is being done to improve transport infrastructure?

As part of the request for the temporary increase in HGV movements, we are proposing a further £4 million that could be put directly into traffic and transport to manage any effects of the proposed increase in the number of HGV movements, helping to maintain roads, contribute to the Somerset County Council’s traffic control centre, and create more walking and cycling routes.

The extra funding could also support construction of the long awaited Colley Lane Southern Access Road which is due to be decided by Somerset County Council later this month.

Over £20 million of road improvement schemes have already been delivered in Somerset, on the routes to Hinkley Point, leaving a permanent legacy of safer roads.

Currently the Junction 23 roundabout above the M5 is being upgraded. Recently delivered improvements include:

  • Increasing the width of the highway at the A38 Bristol Road/The Drove junction
  • A new left turn slip road to improve operation of the Wylds Road/The Drove Junction
  • Upgrades to signal arrangements and carriageway alignment at the A39 Broadway/A38 Taunton Road Junction
  • Two new roundabouts at points on the road network that had evidence of frequent accidents


Somerset County Council has also been busy delivering (with our financial contributions of over £8million) additional improvements and initiatives in and around Bridgwater, including walking and cycling improvements.

For general questions about the project, please visit the About Hinkley Point C page. 

Get involved in our Hinkley fora

Our Main Site, Community and Transport Forums meet regularly, helping us to keep in touch with our closest neighbours and offer regular updates on progress.

Community Forum

The Community Forum provides a way for EDF Energy and representatives of the local community to discuss the new nuclear build project at Hinkley Point C. This is in addition to the Site Stakeholder Group, a long-standing body that considers all matters relating to the Hinkley Point A and B stations.

The Community Forum meets quarterly, with more than 75 groups represented. Members discuss and advise EDF Energy on key issues affecting the community and work with us to minimise the impact and maximise the benefits of new nuclear build to those living in the area.

Minutes from the meetings are available here.

If you represent a local group or organisation and would be interested in joining the Community Forum, please contact us on 0800 096 9650

Transport Forum

We launched the Transport Forum in February 2011, in order to provide a means for regular discussion between EDF Energy and representatives of the local community on the transport strategy. At meetings our members discuss and advise EDF Energy on key issues affecting the local road network and work to minimise the impacts to those living in the area.

Minutes from the meetings are available here.

Main Site Forum

As part of our consultation we have established a Main Site Forum to provide a mechanism for regular discussion between EDF Energy and those neighbouring the Hinkley Point C site.

The Main Site Forum started in April 2011. Members discuss and advise EDF Energy on key issues affecting those living closest to the main site.

Minutes from the meetings are available here.

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