Learning lessons at Combwich Wharf

Refurbishment works are currently being carried out on Combwich Wharf. This historic wharf has seen deliveries for the construction of both Hinkley Point A and B power station, and dates back to 1960.

The refurbishment works will allow large loads to continue to be brought in via sea, reducing the construction impact on the local road network.

As a project we work had to ensure noise disruption is kept to a minimum when receiving deliveries through Combwich Wharf, taking learnings from previous activities. For example, we’ve started using smaller quieter generators on the barge, plus we’ve switched to LED lighting towers which create significantly less noise than older halogen versions. Additionally, we use soft lashing straps instead of steel chains to secure the loads to the trailers.

To help manage noise levels, we have monitoring equipment in place in various positions throughout Combwich which we use to report noise levels to Sedgemoor District Council.

Find out more about the works taking place at Combwich Wharf here.

Posted by Hinkley Point C media team

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