Smart meters - helping you save energy

See how much energy you're spending in pounds and pence and get more accurate bills

What is a smart meter and how does it work?

A smart meter is a newer type of electricity or gas meter. All energy suppliers are installing them as a part of an upgrade to the UK's energy system. In addition, we install credit smart meters and smart Pay As You Go meters

Smart meters come with a handy in-home display called an IHD. Here you can see how much energy you're using and what it costs.

Smart meters also provide automatic meter readings. You get one meter for gas and one for electricity. The meters then automatically send your usage to your supplier.

Watch video: EDF debunk smart meter myths

Can smart meters be trusted?

We understand that smart meters haven’t had the best press over the years and that you may be reluctant to install one, but we want to assure you there's nothing to worry about. Smart meters are designed with your safety and privacy in mind.

We clear up some misconceptions in our smart meter myth busting video and in our blog.

Is it worth getting a smart meter?

There are three main benefits to having a smart meter:

1. Complete control

See how much you're spending in real time. This can help you make small changes to reduce your energy usage, as well as your bill.

2. Hassle-free

Your smart meter will send readings automatically(1). This way you'll get more accurate bills without leaving the sofa.

3. Low-carbon lifestyle

Understanding where your energy goes will encourage you to think about your carbon footprint and how to live more sustainably.

Get your smart meter

Log into MyAccount to book your installation appointment.

Can't find an appointment today? Simply come back tomorrow as we update them daily.

You can also call 0333 200 5104(2) to book an appointment.

Save up to £63 with Energy Hub(3)

What's more, we'll use your smart meter data to give you a personalised view of your energy use in Energy Hub(4). We'll also show you tips to help you use less energy, saving up to £63(3) and cutting your carbon footprint. Once your smart meter is installed, set up your energy profile in MyAccount

Energy Hub is accessible via MyAccount and the EDF mobile app. It's available to residential customers who have;

  • a gas and electricity smart meter and are on a single rate EDF tariff or
  • an electricity smart meter on a single rate or Economy 7 EDF tariff

To access Energy Hub and see your energy use, your smart meter must be commissioned and maintain connectivity with us.

Our latest smart meter reviews from customers

I was originally opposed to installing a Smart meter, but I now wish I had done it earlier. The install was straight forward and the engineer even fixed an issue with a slight gas leak at my meter.

I am now using the EDF app to keep up to date with all of my energy use and bills. The overall experience has been very good and I have applied all of the energy saving advice on the app. Get a Smart meter, it's a no brainer.

James, from Trustpilot

We've installed more than 2 million smart meters around the UK, and we're ready to install yours too!

Everything you need to know about smart meters

Accessible Geo Trio in-home display on a table

What's the truth about smart meters?

There are a number of smart metering myths out there. Check out our myth-busting blog where we separate truth from myth.

EDF engineer standing in front of van ready to install a smart meter

What happens during a smart meter installation?

Our installer will safely replace your old meters with a new smart meter. This takes about an hour for each meter.

How does the in-home display work?

Your smart meter comes with a handy in-home display. Find out how to use it, and get energy tips and advice.

Your smart meter questions answered

Want to learn more about electricity meters in general? We have your questions answered. Find out more!

Do I need to pay to have a smart meter installed?

There is no upfront extra cost for the meter, or for the in-home display, it comes with.

Do I need to have an internet connection to have a smart meter?

You don't need to have broadband or Wi-Fi internet to have a smart meter. Every smart has its own SIM card. It'll send your meter readings remotely over a safe, dedicated wireless GSM network. 


Is it safe to have a smart meter?

There's no evidence of risk to your health from smart meters. Smart meters we install have been tested to make sure they're safe. They meet and exceed all UK and EU safety standards. Read about smart meter safety.


What happens to my energy data?

The government has put rules in place to protect the data collected from your meter. Your data will help us understand how much energy everyone is using across the country.

I am blind/visually impaired can I still use an IHD?

Yes, our talking Geo Trio in-home display can help you monitor your energy more easily. Find out more about our accessible in-home display monitor.

How do I read a smart meter?

You won't need to read your smart meter as it'll do that automatically(1). You can choose for it to send your meter readings every 30 minutes, every day or every month.

If you'd like to take a reading, look at the screen on your smart meter. It will show your total volume register, which is measured in cubic meters (m3 ). This is the number we’ll use, including zeros, to work out your bill.

You can give us your meter reading through MyAccount, via our mobile phone app or by calling our automated line on 0333 200 5108(2).


Can I get a top-up smart meter?

If you already have a pre-payment meter you may be able to get a Pay As You Go smart meter.


Can I switch to EDF if I already have a smart meter?

You can switch to EDF if you already have a smart meter. If you have a newer smart meter, called SMETS2, we should be able to take your meter readings automatically. We're gradually updating SMETS1 meters, so they'll have the same functionality as SMETS2 smart meters.

How do I get a smart meter?

Log into MyAccount to book your installation appointment.

Can't find an appointment today? Simply come back tomorrow as we update them daily.

You can also call 0333 200 5104(2) to book an appointment.

Already have a smart meter?

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