Accessible in-home display for the blind and partially sighted

We, and other energy suppliers, have been working with Energy UK, Geo - leading smart meter display manufacturer and the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) to develop an accessible in-home display for smart meters for blind and partially sighted customers.

The accessible in-home display includes high-contrast, tactile buttons and speech output and it shows you how much energy you're using so that you can make changes that could save you money.

They're now available with your smart meters and we'll let you know when we're installing them in your area.

What's on your talking Geo Trio in-home display monitor?


  1. Your energy usage - shown in pounds and pence per hour or if kWh is selected, the rate of energy being used.
  2. Use < > to navigate around the screen.
  3. Return to previous screen.
  4. Press to return to Home Screen.
  5. Signal strength – keep within range of the meter.
  6. Green/Left low usage.
  7. Amber/Middle medium usage.
  8. Middle LED is also a button for speech. Repeat or stop speech, long press to mute.
  9. Red/Right high usage.
  10. Press to show Menu. To change the brightness of the display Menu > Settings > Display.
  11. Switch between cost in pounds and pence or energy usage on Home screen. Or select an item on other screens.


Do you need full instructions?

You can download the full user guide to save on your computer or print and refer to whenever you'd like. 

Your appointment with our engineer

You receive your talking (accessilbe) smart meter in-home display before your appointment. One of our enginners will arrive at your property to either install your smart meters with your talking (accessible) in-home display, or get your in-home display up and running with smart meters you already have.
  • The engineer will guide you through the steps to change the visual and audio settings on your in-home display to suit your preferences.
  • Please be sure to ask the engineer any questions you may have. 
  • If you need any further guidance on using your in-home display, get in touch with our support team on 0800 269 450(1)


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