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Accessible Geo Trio smart meter in-home display user guide

If you're blind or partially sighted our talking Geo Trio in-home display can help you monitor your energy more easily.

Accessible Geo Trio is a talking in-home display that works with your smart meter

Your accessible in-home display

The in-home display works with your smart meter to help you monitor your energy use, and what it costs. It has high-contrast, tactile buttons and speech options.

We, and other energy companies, worked with Geo Trio's manufacturer, Energy UK, and the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) to develop an accessible in-home display our customers who are blind or partially sighted can use easily.

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How to set up your accessible in-home display

1. Connect the power supply

Your display will turn on automatically when plugged into the electricity mains. You should always leave your display plugged in. The power supply should not be used with other devices.

You can configure the screen to dim or sleep at certain times of the day by going to Menu, Settings, Display.

2. Wait for it to connect

Each time the display is connecting to the smart meter it will give an audible notification, speak and show: 'Connecting to smart meter…' this can take up to five minutes.

It may take up to one hour after the initial setup for the gas consumption to show on the screen.

3. Choose to have speech on or off

Your in-home display is designed to speak the contents of each screen. You can interrupt the speech at any time by pressing the top button, which is the middle LED. This button also functions as a repeat button if you would like to hear something again.

Speech can be turned on and off by long pressing the top button. Speech volume and repeat options can be adjusted in the Talking options screen. Go to Menu, Settings, Talking options.

Download the accessible Geo Trio user guide

You can read the user guide on this page, or you can view and download it as a PDF.

Buttons on your new Geo Trio

Accessible Geo Trio display has seven buttons, three on the left, three on the right and one on the top.

Your Geo Trio has seven buttons, three on the left, three on the right and one on the top. The buttons on the left are from top to bottom.

1. Home button: Press to return to the Home screen.

2. Back button: Press to return to the previous screen.

3. Left arrow button: Press to navigate to the previous item on the screen (for example, in a menu or where there are several tabs on the home screen).

4. Menu button: Press to go to the menu.

5. Okay button: Press to select an item (for example, in the menu) or to change an underlined item (for example, to change between cost or energy consumption).

6. Right arrow button: Press to navigate to next item on the screen.

There are three LEDs on the top, the middle one is also a button.

7. The three LEDs: They show your electricity usage. Green/left for low, amber/middle for medium or red/right for high, or gas usage if only gas is available. The middle LED is also a button to interrupt or repeat the speech. A long press will turn the speech on or off.

Screen on your new Geo Trio

Accessible Geo Trio layout of the home screen.

This the layout on the home screen. All information on the screen will also be spoken when selected.

Menu options on your new Geo Trio

The main menu is available from any screen. To select it, press the menu button which is on the right of your display, at the top.

Prepay - prepay customers only Includes:

Top-up your current balance, activate emergency credit, view your top-up history and adjust the low credit alert setting.

Electricity/Gas usage history

Detailed information on the electricity and gas consumption shown by hours, days, weeks or months.

System status

Quick indicator of whether the system is working OK (GREEN ring with black fill) or if there is something that needs attention (RED fill). The banner bar will also change to RED to indicate there is a problem (shown on all screens).

Meter balance

Information on the current balance of energy used for electricity and gas.


Displays electricity and gas tariffs, and any standing charge (if applicable).

Money owed - pre-pay in home displays only

Outstanding money owed will be outlined with a breakdown of the charges and recovery rate.


View messages received from your utility provider(s). New messages will be shown on the Inbox screen automatically. Message details are not supported by speech, please contact your supplier if they cannot be read.


Information on your electricity or gas meter and current meter readings.


Contact details for your utility provider(s) which may include a telephone number and email address.


Personalise your in-home display within the Settings screen.

More about electricity and gas

You can see more about your energy use by selecting an option from the Menu. Go to Menu, Usage history.


This shows your hourly energy use for today. You can see or hear this in terms of energy (kWh) or cost (£).

To switch between cost per hour and kWh press the OK button.

The hour during which most energy was consumed will also show the value (cost/kWh).

Days, Weeks and Months

This is a visual representation of your energy use over the past nine days, six weeks or 14 months. The period of highest energy or cost is highlighted.

In cost views if a budget has been set, performance against a budget is shown. You can set up by going to Menu, Settings, Budget, The red and grey striped areas show where you are over budget, per day, week, or per month.

Geo Trio troubleshooting tips and advice

What if my in-home display isn't showing any information?

If your in-home display shows Awaiting data, the banner bar is red, or there is no signal strength symbol in the banner bar, this could be because your in-home display is out of range and is not able to communicate with the smart meter.

Try moving your in-home display closer to the smart meter.

What if my in-home display is blank or has switched itself off?

Your in-home display backlight may have turned itself off to save power. Press one of the buttons to switch it back on. This setting can be changed by going to Menu, Settings, Display.

If you unplugged the display, the battery may have gone flat. The battery icon will be shown when operating on battery power. Battery power lasts four hours. Reconnect to the mains adaptor to recharge the battery.

We recommend that you always leave your in-home display plugged into the electricity mains.

How do I turn off the audio or stop it talking?

To stop the display from talking, long-press the top button, which is the middle LED. The display will tell you speech has been turned off. You can also press the top button to interrupt speech while display is talking.

How can I stop the speech repeating every few minutes?

Your in-home display's speech Repeat setting has been set to Always or Limited. You can change it to Once. To do this go to Menu, Settings, talking options, Repeat.

How long with the battery last?

The rechargeable battery should last around four hours with the default settings. When using the battery the display will dim, and switch itself off when not in use.