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With a smart meter, it's easier to keep track of the energy your business uses and what it costs. Or submit a meter reading

Here is the latest update on the government support for customers

The current Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) ends on 31 March 2023. Visit our Energy Bill Relief Support info. Or go to the government website for further information.

New government support scheme announced
On 9 January 2023, the government announced the new Energy Bill Discount Scheme (EBDS), which will run for 12 months, from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024. For now, there is nothing you need to do. We'll continue to work closely with the government and will be in touch with further details on what this means for you and your business once the scheme is fully defined. Find out more about the new scheme.


What to do if you're in debt

We understand there may be times when your business goes through financial difficulty. And we're here to help you in the best way possible and get you back on track. What you should do will depend on your individual circumstance. Our advice will differ if;

  • You can't afford the bill you've just been sent

  • You're currently in debt

  • You struggle to pay your bills regularly

  • You've moved into a new premises and you're receiving debt collections letters for the previous tenant

You've been sent a bill you can't afford

We know that some months may be tougher than others. we have lots of tips on how you can manage your bills. There are many small changes you can make: setting up a Direct Debit can save you money and switching your bills to a monthly payment means you'll be paying manageable amounts little and often.

However, if you need to speak to us give us a call and we can sort out a payment plan. Or you can contact us via live chat.

If you want to understand how we bill you, you can find a detailed breakdown here.

You're already in debt

There are many ways you can move towards being debt free. Take a look below at how you can stay on top of your bills and in control. If you want to speak to someone about your situation you can use our online chat service.

You regularly struggle to pay your bills

If you find that you're struggling every month to pay bills, we have some handy tips that may help you.

You’re receiving debt collection letters for a previous tenant

When you move into a new property the first thing to do is notify us. If you've been sent a bill or letter for a previous tenant, you have three options, you can;

  1. Forward it to them directly (if you have their details)
  2. Contact your landlord or letting agency, if you have one
  3. Put it in an envelope and send it back to us at Freepost EDF CUSTOMER CORRESPONDANCE. Please include their address if you have it so we can try to contact them directly

How to manage your bills and keep your costs down

1. Save with Direct Debit

Paying in little chunks, rather than one big chunk, is a good way to plan and keep ahead of bills. You can set up a Direct Debit with us and save up to 7% on the cost of your energy.

Signing up is simple.

Log into MyAccount or download and print our Direct Debit Instruction.

2. Only pay for energy you use

There are two ways you can make sure you're getting accurate bills.

The first one is to get a smart meter installed, so you can watch what you spend. Find out how to get a smart meter.

The second is to make sure we get regular meter readings. Take a look at our help page on how to submit a meter reading. Or you can submit your reading in just 60 seconds here.

3. Pay for energy as you go

Installing a smart Pay As You Go meter can help you keep on track of your energy spending. As well as getting a better idea of where you use the most energy in your business premises.

4. Stay on track with MyAccount

Keeping sight of how much you’re spending will help you plan ahead.

Quick access

  • Easy to view and download all your invoices, billing activity, accounts and MPANs
  • Raise all your requests, from updating a contract to changing the billing address
  • Track queries

Easy to use

  • Clear, handy dashboard displaying up-to-date accurate consumption data
  • Easily search your account history

Save time

  • Submit single or multiple meter readings at one time
  • Customisable dashboards for quick insights
  • 24/7 access

Find out how to set up MyAccount

5. Pay in small manageable chunks

Receiving a big bill every three months can be difficult for some businesses. Instead, you might find it easier to pay smaller amounts every month.

It's quick and simple to change your payment method, simply follow the steps and change your payment method in MyAccount.

6. Switch to a fixed price tariff

When it comes to fixed tariffs, you know exactly what you’ll pay for your entire contract – no changes, no surprises. Even when energy prices go up, your bills stay the same. This makes budgeting and planning far easier. Take a look at what fixed price tariffs we have on offer.


7. Use less energy

If you use less, you’ll pay for less. So we’ve got a few tips on how to be a bit more energy efficient.

If you’re closed then ensure you turn off all lights and non-essential electrical equipment

When you’re open, you can close off any areas not currently in use, keep air vents and radiators clear and plug up any gaps where drafts are getting through.

Feel inspired to check you're being as energy efficient as you can. Check out our blog on saving energy for small businesses.

Other ways to get help

There are other ways you can get help if you're struggling. You can contact:

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice are an official source of free business advice and support.

They've put together some helpful information on the following topics;

Business Debtline logo

Business Debtline

This charity offers free, impartial and confidential advice to small businesses or self-employed people.

Visit now for help

Independent advice and help for businesses in Scotland

Funding to reduce your business energy costs

By working with Business Energy Scotland, most businesses can save on their energy bills and secure cashback on energy-efficiency projects, while funds last.

Find out more

Helping SME's in Scotland on the road to Net Zero

This Scottish Government service helps SMEs with energy efficiency advice and support. Making a positive step in the future

Find out how logo
Free advice for Scottish businesses is an official source of free advice and support for businesses. All the advice is on their website; they also have a knowledge centre of practical advice.

What if I can't pay my next bill

Please don’t struggle with your debt alone — we have an understanding team who can help. They’ll work with you to take some of the stress out of debt. Together, we’ll find a way to pay that suits you. Talk to us via live chat.

Will my credit rating be affected if I can’t pay? How can I avoid this?

If you find yourself in this situation, please don’t struggle alone. Our team is here to help talk to us via live chat.

We will always work together with you to sort out your debt. We never want to take legal action against our customers but this can happen if you don’t pay your bill or get in touch. However, when dealing with debt, the steps we’ll take can include registering a default on your credit file. In this case, it could then be difficult for you to gain credit with suppliers or obtain loans.

What happens when a Direct Debit gets returned?

Please take a look here at what happens if a Direct Debit is returned.

What will you do with my information?

Why do I need to pay on time?

One perk of always paying your bill on time is we won’t need to contact you to remind you to pay. And as part of your terms and conditions, it’s important that you pay your bill on time. If paying this way is not right for you, why not think about setting up a Direct Debit? Just log in to MyAccount to find out how Direct Debit can save you time and money.

How do I know when payment is overdue?

The due date of your bill will always be on any bill we send you – so you’ll know when you need to pay. You can find more detailed information on understanding your bill here.

We will add a late payment charge of £10 for every monthly bill you don’t pay or £30 for every quarterly bill you don’t pay. So do get in contact as soon as you can.

What are the steps to collecting energy debt?

If you are struggling to pay, get in touch so we can work together to find an alternative way to pay. We have an understanding team here to help you when you need it.

We don’t want to take legal action against our customers or come to your business but this can happen if you don’t pay your bill. The steps we’ll take can include registering a default on your credit file, visiting your business to collect payment or changing your meter to a pay as you go meter.

Can I switch suppliers with an outstanding balance?

On the majority of our tariffs, you’ll be unable to switch to another supplier if you have an outstanding balance. Therefore, you’ll need to clear the debt before you change suppliers.

Why should I pay my final bill?

It’s really important to pay your final bill as this marks our supply for you ending. It’s always best to give us a reading on the day you end your supply or leave the property so you are billed to accurate readings, you can give us your meter readings in 60 seconds here.

What our customers say

I went to the Chat messaging service and agent Abhishek resolved the issue quickly for me. The service provided was fast, helpful and took care of everything I needed to be done. 5* service and much appreciated.

Trustpilot, EDF business customer

I was in disbelief at how easy everything has been with EDF compared to the other three large providers I tried and failed to switch to. On top of that, the Live Chat assistance was brilliant in clarifying all I needed to know. I would pay extra for this level of efficiency and support.

Trustpilot, EDF business customer

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