Get a great rate by renewing your contract

As your current fixed term contract is coming to an end we'd like to help you select the best new energy deal for your business. There are different options available which we’ve set out below.

To help you make the best decision on your energy, our dedicated business advisers are here to talk you through the different options and find the right tariff to suit your needs.

Call our renewals team on 0808 101 4276(1) we're open Mon - Fri, between 8am - 6pm.

Automatically renew onto our innovative Easy Fix tariff

  • You’ll get the best of both worlds with price certainty for 12 months and the freedom to change your tariff at any time
  • Easy Fix is only available at renewal, and your prices will be in your letter
  • To leave, you’ll need to give 30 days’ notice, a meter reading and clear any overdue balance

Discuss other contracts

We have a range of contracts available which may better suit your business needs. To see what else we can do for you, call our business advisers today and they'll be happy to discuss your next tariff options.

Call our business renewal team on 0808 101 4276(1) we're open Mon - Fri, between 8am - 6pm.

If you do not wish to renew

Before you make the decision not to renew with EDF Energy please give our renewals team a call on 0808 101 4276(1). They will go through all our tariffs to ensure there is nothing we can offer you to make you stay.

If you still decide that you don't wish to renew, please provide notice before your Price Review Notice date (this is in your renewal letter). Don’t worry if you miss this date, as we’ll simply apply a 30 day notice period from when we accept. You’ll still renew onto our unique renewal fixed price tariff called Easy Fix, but will be free to leave after your 30 day notice is complete. Read our FAQs for more information on how to give notice and what happens if you do

Hand in your notice

We would really love you to stay but if you are sure you wish to leave EDF Energy, then please complete our form to officially let us know. Alternatively you can call us on 0808 101 4276(1)

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See all our tariffs

We have tariffs to suit all types of business customers. Find the one that's right for you

Interested in our fuel mix? You can see it here.

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Submit your meter reading in seconds

As long as you have your account number and postcode, you can submit your meter reading.

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How to pay your bill

We offer a number of ways to pay your EDF Energy bill, so find the one that suits you best.

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Frequently asked questions

For quick answers to questions you have about your bill, our rates, meters, tariffs and more, check out our FAQs.