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Replace your smart in-home display

Have you had your smart in-home display for over 12 months?

  • Is it working ok? Try our smart in-home display troubleshooting guides to see if you can fix the issue

  • Are you looking to upgrade it to a newer model?

We've partnered with ivie to bring you the latest technology in smart meter in-home displays, the 'ivie Bud'. Get £5 off when you enter EDF5 at checkout.(1)

Buy now for £49.99 (+ delivery)

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Why choose the ivie Bud smart in-home display

The ivie Bud has been developed by Chameleon Technology - the trusted smart in-home display provider to 8 of the 10 largest energy providers in the UK. Chameleon Technology has delivered over 8 million smart in-home displays across the UK to date. And has been working with us throughout our smart meter rollout to customers.

Just three steps to getting your new smart in-home display

You'll either need a bill that's less than three months old or a valid credit/debit card. These are only used to verify your identity and get your new in-home display working. No money will be taken from your credit/debit card.

1. Make sure your smart meter is compatible

Before ordering your ivie Bud it's important to check your smart meter is compatible. Some older models of smart meters don't work with the ivie Bud in-home display. Just enter your house number and postcode and we'll be able to tell you if it is.

Check to see if my smart meter is compatible

2. Buy your new ivie Bud

It just takes a few clicks to buy your new ivie Bud smart in-home display.(1)

Get £5 off, the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. Just click on the button below.

Ready to go? Buy now

3. Set it up and get going

Once you've got your new ivie Bud in-home display, it's easy to install.

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