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All our fixed tariffs are backed by zero carbon electricity we generate ourselves(1).

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Our fixed tariffs are backed by zero carbon electricity we generate ourselves(1)

Peace of mind - keep the same prices for a longer length of time

Fixed energy tariffs

  • Choose a fixed energy tariff that suits you
  • Zero carbon electricity as standard on our fixed home tariffs(1)
  • Available for smart meter PAYG customers
  • Exit fees can apply
Prices change every three months in line with the price cap(2)

Variable energy tariffs

  • The price you pay goes up and down 
  • Available for prepayment and smart meter PAYG customers
  • No tariff end date
  • No exit fee
Trial tariff

Air source heat pump tariff

  • Save £164 a year
  • Enjoy cheaper rates twice daily
  • Only savings with no nasty peak rates
  • Available to new and existing customers (as long as you have a heat pump) 
Charge your EV for under £10 overnight(3)

Electric vehicle tariffs

  • Fixed pricing for a year
  • Five hours off-peak electricity every night (pop your washing machine on too!)
  • Works with all charge points and EVs
  • Available for new and existing customers

Compare gas and electric tariffs

Energy tariffs are a plan of how you'll get charged for your gas and electricity usage. We offer two main types of energy tariffs: fixed and variable rate.

Fixed tariffs

With a fixed tariff, or plan, you pay a set unit price over the lifetime of your gas and electric contract. It helps you budget better and gives you peace of mind because the unit price doesn't change when energy prices go up, making it cheaper than our standard prices when this happens.

  • Your energy unit rate stays the same for the length of your contract
  • If energy prices go up, your unit price doesn’t change
  • Great for budgeting, as you’ll always know your energy unit rate

Standard Variable tariffs

A variable tariff, or plan, means the unit cost can go up or down at any time, provided they remain no higher than Ofgem's price cap. This is good if you're happy changing the amount you pay each month and don't want to be on a fixed tariff contract.

  • The energy unit rate you pay for energy goes up and down with the price of energy
  • Pay less and save more when energy rates are low
  • Your costs will go up if energy rates rise
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Take the mystery out of energy prices!

Keep up to date with weekly changes to the Ofgem energy price cap and take control of your household's energy bills.

Refer a Friend is back!

Who doesn't like a bit of extra cash in their pocket? 

As an EDF customer, you can refer your friends to us and you'll both get £50 off your energy bill! T&Cs apply.

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It's always worth checking how your energy supplier's customer service ranks. View Citizens Advice's latest results

Useful answers to questions about our energy plans

It depends on whether you chose to switch to us after, or within your 14-day cooling off period.

  • If you chose to switch after your cooling off period, it should happen within five working days, after your cooling off period ends
  • If you switch within your cooling off period, it should be completed within five working days (before your cooling off period ends)

In both cases, it can take a little longer if any problems arise. For example, if your current supplier objects to the switch. Don’t worry, we'll keep you up to date throughout the process, so you always know what's going on.

It's easy to switch to EDF!

Get a quick energy quote, choose your tariff and buy online; there's no disruption to your supply and no engineer visits.

  • We get in touch with your supplier
  • We let you know when we need your first meter reading(s) with us
  • We'll let know you when your switch is complete.
  • If you're an existing customer, you can move your energy supply by logging into MyAccount
  • If you're new to us, please call us on 0333 200 5100(4) and we'll find the best tariff for your new home. For first time buyers we've prepared this handy guide

Advice about energy tariffs and more!

Visit our Energywise blog area for more news, guides and advice. 

To find more answers to frequently asked questions, visit our Help Centre

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Compare energy tariffs

Energy tariffs are how you pay for the energy you use in your home. Depending how you like to pay for energy and how your homes uses it, will affect which tariff is best for you. Read our handy guide to choose a tariff that's best for you

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Switching energy suppliers

Not sure how to switch? Our quick four-step change supplier page explains what to do. And if you have more questions, read our comprehensive guide on energy switching

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Electricity and meter questions answered

Don't know how to find your electricity number? Read our guide to find an answer to this and lots of other meter related questions.