Solar battery storage

Make your solar panels go further with a battery. Storing solar energy in a battery helps you towards energy independence. 

Discover the benefits of solar panel battery storage

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Save money on energy bills

Installing a battery could cut down your electricity bills, especially if you're on a time of use tariff such as Economy 7. You could be charging on cheap overnight electricity and using the battery during the expensive hours.

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Complete control

Having somewhere to store extra energy that you can tap into means that you'll rely less on your energy supplier.


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Live sustainably

By installing a solar system, you're doing your bit to help towards a Net Zero future. Generating and using your own renewable energy means you'll be relying less on fossil fuels. 

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Data at your fingertips

Control and track your solar panel and battery system with the Sunsynk Data Logger app, it's never been easier!

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What to know when installing a home battery storage

You don't need to install a battery for your solar panels to work, but a battery can help you get the most out of the energy your panels are generating.

Solar panels will create energy when there is daylight and you can use this solar electricity instead of buying it from your energy supplier. However, these panels don't work at night time (when you tend to use the most energy). So, what happens then?

If you don't have a battery, you'll switch back to using energy from the national grid - which will cost you money. If you have a battery installed, you can use any extra energy stored in the battery at night time. This reduces your reliance on the grid for electricity.

Want to use solar energy at night? Install a battery.

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Already have solar panels?

Why not install a battery and use solar energy in the evenings too? 

Our batteries are compatible with all grid-connected solar panels, have a 10 year warranty and range from 5.12kW upwards. 

Prices start from £4,995 (including 20% VAT).

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Monitoring your solar system

The Sunsynk Data Logger app helps you get the most out of your solar panel and battery system. The app tracks in real time how much energy your panels are generating. It gives you the information you need to increase your savings and reduce your energy spend. Features of the app include:

  • view battery usage
  • real-time remote monitoring
  • detailed and custom reports 

Battery storage for your business

Businesses can generate additional revenues from energy flexibility services. If you install a commercial scale storage system, your business could save money by shifting energy use from high cost to low cost periods. 


Will a battery work with my existing panels?

Yes. If you already have solar panels, our partner can supply and fit a battery to your existing system. 

Can I have more than one battery?

Most households only need one battery, however depending on your power requirements we can add more batteries to your system.

Where will the battery go?

The battery system is designed to be wall or ground mounted - and is usually installed in the loft of your home. For homes without a loft, the installer will be able to give you alternative options, such as the garage or under the stairs. 

How long does installation take?

It will take Effective Home approximately 3-4 hours to install a battery to an existing solar panel system. To install solar panels and a battery, it will take 1 day. 

How much will a battery save me?

The benefits vary greatly from household to household, as everyone uses energy differently and at different times of the day. However, after completing a remote survey, we'll be able to provide you with a custom report showing your homes savings with a solar panel and battery system. 

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