Easily track your meter readings with MyAccount for large business

With MyAccount for large business, your account management is made simple and it’s easier to submit and keep track of your meter readings with your online account. Not yet registered yet? You can register today. - all you will need to have is your EDF Energy business account details handy.

Submit your reading

Simply enter your meter reading  details in the form below for your electricity account and click "Submit" to send directly to us online. Oh and If you have half hourly meters, you don’t need to submit a meter reading.

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Need help?

Follow our handy checklist for reading meters:

  1. Always read meters from left to right
  2. Be aware that the dials and numerals rotate clockwise and anti clockwise
  3. If the pointer falls between numbers (note the direction of dial) always use the lower number

NB: The online account management system from EDF Energy is currently being improved to offer newer and better services. Access to Energy Zone may be re-directed to our new system MyAccount for large business. This is due to your account transferring to the new system.


MyAccount for large business

Online account management made simple - it’s even easier to submit and keep track of your meter readings with your online account. 

With your online account you can also

  • Access your account, 24/7
  • View and download bills
  • Change to paperless billing which will help be a more sustainable business
  • Download and view your energy usage data
  • Store and exchange information

All available to you as an EDF Energy customer. Why not make your life easier?