Moving location

Moving from one business site to another can be time-consuming. Don’t let your energy supply hold you up.

Help us to help you

Don't let your electricity or gas supply become one of the things that hold you up. Let us know your movements in good time, by completing a simple form and submitting the right information for that stress-free move.

Moving out of your business premises

Before you move out of your premises, please make sure you advise us of the following:

  1. Final Meter Reading - Take note once you've moved out or when your lease agreement ends (when you're no longer responsible)
  2. Forwarding address - We'll send you a final bill once your account is closed and advise of any refund that may be due if applicable
  3. Please remember, if you are moving out of your current business premises, to give our dedicated Business Movers team at least 28 days notice by submitting this form so that they can provide an accurate final bill.


  1. Providing our dedicated Business Movers team with an MPAN (electricity)  will allow them to process your instruction as efficiently as possible. How to find your Meter Point Access Number
  2. Supplying a final meter reading via the online location form will ensure that your final bill is accurate.

If you're experiencing any problems with completing or submitting your form, please get in touch with us :

Business Moves Team
0845 366 3664 (option 3)(1)

Complete our moving location form

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