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Gas and electricity for your small business

Reliable energy for your small business, rated excellent on Trustpilot

  • Effortless online account management
  • Cheapest prices direct
  • Dedicated small business energy specialists

Call our small business sales team on 0333 009 7125(1) for a quote or click the button below.

EDF is Britain's biggest generator of zero carbon electricity(2)

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​​​​​​​Our cheapest prices direct

With fixed priced contracts up to three years for price security.

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​​​​​​​Dedicated small business energy specialists that get it

EDF are rated excellent on Trustpilot!

Effortless online account management

Take control of your energy - anywhere, anytime.

Don't take our word for it, hear from our small business customers

It was a great pleasure when I dealt with such a brilliant and polite person. I have been with EDF for years and years.

Willow Tree Farm, 2024

You have an excellent customer care team. Always polite and efficient.

Small business customer, 2024

Switching has never been easier

Simple fixed tariffs with price security up to three years. You'll always find our cheapest prices direct.

Our cheapest tariff

Fixed for Business Online Tariff

With our fixed for business online tariff you'll receive the following benefits:
  • Fixed prices
  • Reliable supplier
  • Discount on price for choosing our online tariff
  • Pay by Direct Debit
  • Zero hassle switching
  • Get a smart meter – your business' first step to net zero

Our tariff prices are always changing as we review them every week. This helps you get the best deal for your small business energy needs. Get a quote to find our latest prices.

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We’re updating our systems to transform our service

We’re continuously investing in the way we produce low carbon electricity and how we can deliver an effortless service for our customers. The migration to our new system will take a few months to complete, if you’re currently a small business supplied by EDF, we’ll contact you when it’s your turn.

Get to know your energy usage

Curious about our business's energy usage? If we have data available from your smart/AMR meters you can request your data and we'll email it to you in the next few days. 

Learning your energy patterns gives you control over your usage and means you could lower your carbon footprint and bills.

Small business help and support

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Need to contact us?

We have a team of dedicated small business energy experts so you can talk to someone who understands your small business' energy.

We're proud to be rated excellent on Trustpilot so you can expect outrageously good customer service and effortless account management – saving you time.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. For more, view our FAQ section for small businesses.

All businesses are different but you could see if you could save money by comparing unit rates and standing charges as well as monthly and annual cost projections.   

It’s difficult to say how much your business could save, as quotes are dependent on Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC) and the size of the business. But we review our price monthly to ensure we stay competitive.

The end-to-end process from agreeing to a new contract with us to being live on supply should take no longer than 3 weeks. Or if future-dated, we’ll start supply on your desired date.

Switching business energy is similar to switching a residential supply. To make things simple and straightforward, we’ll ask you to enter a postcode, confirm your address and input your business energy use (it’s always handy to have a bill to hand). If you don't know how much energy your business uses in kWh, you can always enter spend in pounds.

Once you select a new tariff, we’ll run a ‘soft’ credit check to see if your business is eligible. Tthis is normal and most business energy suppliers do this. Once completed, you just need to select a start date you'd like (up to 150 days) and enter business owner details in order to set up an energy account.

We'll sort out the rest, such as speaking with your current business energy supplier and arranging for the switch to take place so you can get on with the important job of running your business.

We normally just need businesses to enter very basic information such as:

  • Business address
  • How much energy you use (kWh or £) 
  • Type of business
  • Company registration number (if LTD)
  • Owners details 

In some cases if we're unable to retrieve your metering details we will ask to confirm information which can be found on a bill or our Live Chat team can help you answer:

  • Do you have a Prepayment meter?
  • What meter type do you have?

The best way to compare business energy rates/prices would be the compare the unit rates and standing charges with your current tariff or renewal offer. Or you can compare the projected costs (£). Be aware the projected costs are all based on how much energy your business uses based on what you've stated. So you’ll only be charged for the energy you’ve used and by submitting meter reads we can understand your usage. 

Our online quote doesn't include VAT and CCL, however, if you choose to buy we'll apply VAT and CCL before completing the purchase. If you'd like to know at quote results stage, our live chat advisers are able to calculate this for you if needed.  

Moving into premises not supplied by us?

We have range of business energy tariffs to suit your business needs. All you need to do is agree to a new contract online by getting a quote and we'll sort out the rest.

If your current premises is already supplied by us you can simply take us with you. Just give us a few details and we'll make sure your business energy is moved across.

Moving into premises already supplied by us?

It's best to contact us on 0333 009 7115(3) to agree on the best business energy tariff and avoid expensive out-of-contract charges.  

Don’t forget - meter readings should also be taken at your old/new locations on the day you move out/in so you can be billed accurately.