The easy way to manage your energy account online


  • Advanced search

  • Immediate access to your data

  • Online query management

  • Electronic invoices

  • Easy account management


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    Why have a MyBusiness account?

    Easily manage all your accounts in one place.

    All in one place

    • Easy access to view and download all your invoices, billing activity, accounts and MPANs
    • Raise all your requests, from updating a contract to changing the billing address
    • Track queries

    Easy to use

    • Clear, handy dashboard displaying up-to-date accurate consumption data
    • Produce reports immediately
    • Easily search your account history

    Save time

    • Submit single or multiple meter readings at one time
    • Customisable dashboards for quick insights
    • 24/7 access

    Self service energy management

    MyBusiness is the perfect solution for self-service energy account management. 

    Get immediate access to all your accounts and data, and search your entire account history for quick and easy insights.


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    How-to videos

    Watch our how-to videos for more information on how MyBusiness works.

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    Get the most from MyBusiness

    Understanding how you use electricity is the first step in identifying savings. Which is why we've developed MyBusiness.

    Your onboarding journey

    You can track and manage your MPANs as they move across to EDF.