Insulate your home and feel the difference.

With energy bills rising - act now to help save you money this winter!

Here are the savings insulation can save you on your bills each year:

  • Cavity wall and loft insulation together can save you up to £1,280 per year on bills(1).
  • Solid wall insulation installed can save you up to £930 per year on bills(2)

What types of insulation are available?

We can arrange for insulation to be installed in your home. 

thermal loft insulation roll

Loft insulation

from £800(3)professionally installed

Laid between the loft floor, loft insulation creates a barrier in your roof space to prevent heat from escaping.


Save up to £590 on bills and prevent 25% of your heat loss through your roof(4)

Cavity wall insulation - Installing cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation

from £950(3) professionally installed

If your home was built after the 1920s, it's likely to have cavity wall. Cavity walls are made of two layers with a gap or ‘cavity’ between them.

Save as much as £690 a year on heating bills by stopping 33% of heat loss(5)

Solid wall insulation

Costs vary based on your property

Homes built before the 1920s are likely to have solid walls. Solid walls are created from a single solid material such as brick, masonry or concrete.  Adding an extra external or internal layer provides insulation.

Save as much as £930 a year on heating bills(2)

Give your family the benefit of a healthier, warmer home

Why insulate your home?

Better health

Well-insulated homes are much better for your health

Prevent damp

Damp housing can cause mould and mildew

Get ready for future heating changes

Future proof your home! With new technology coming be ready for anything!

Better for the planet

Wasting less energy to heat your home, means your carbon emissions will drop

Why insulate your home through EDF?

A typical house with no insulation will lose 33% of heat through walls and 25% through the roof(6).

In the last five years, we've helped with energy-efficiency improvements in more than 113,000 homes.

And, with our accredited local installers, we're committed to helping you reduce your energy use in the future.

How to get the best out of your home insulation

To get the best out of your insulation to you may need to have your ventilation upgraded. 

Not only are they designed to get better quality air through your home, but they can also help prevent against damp, mould and filter out dust and other pollutants. 

Your installer will be able to advise.

Get loft insulation         Get cavity wall insulation        Get solid wall insulation

Home Insulation and energy-saving advice

modern conservatory interior with dining table

Conservatory Insulation: Use it All Year Round

Conservatories are often considered a room used in summer but with proper insulation, they could be used all year round.

Learn about conservatory insulation

A smart meter can help you save

It's important now, more than ever, to stay in control of your energy. With a smart meter, you'll easily be able to track your energy usage and see where you can save so that you can lower your bills and your carbon footprint.

Smart benefits include:

  • Upgrade your meter at no extra cost
  • You're in control - you can see the cost of your energy
  • Receive more accurate bills
  • Get a better idea of where you use energy in your home with Energy Hub(7) 
  • If you use cards or keys, you can top up online