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Driving research and innovation to go beyond Net Zero

The world is facing the double challenge of a climate crisis and an energy crisis. Research and development and innovation can accelerate our transition to net zero.

Our researchers, engineers and innovators are leaders in their fields and work with diverse partners to find solutions

We're innovating to help Britain achieve Net Zero

Building and operating a reliable low carbon electricity system

Using electricity to decarbonise other sectors

Innovating for hard-to-abate activities

Cleaning up what's left over

By coupling the advances in science and engineering with the emergence of new digital innovations and leveraging the UK ecosystem of Research and Innovation through strong and strategic partnerships, EDF UK R&D is delivering research and groundbreaking innovations to our internal business units, policymakers, partners and customers in order to help Britain achieve Net Zero.

Patrick Dupeyrat,
EDF UK R&D Director

Research publications

Our Researchers have had numerous academic papers published on a variety of interesting technical topics

2019, E. Borras Mora, J. Spelling, Adriaan H. van der Weijde, E. Pavageau, "The effects of mean wind speed uncertainty on project finance debt sizing for offshore wind farms", Journal of Applied Energy

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2013, J. McNaughton, I. Afgan, D.D. Apsley, S. Rolfo, T. Stallard, P.K Stansby, "A simple sliding-mesh interface procedure and its application to the CFD simulation of a tidal-stream turbine", International Journal for Numerical methods in fluids

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2022, C. Katsamis, T. Craft, H. Iacovides, J. Uribe, "Use of 2D and 3D unsteady RANS in the computation of wall bounded buoyant flows"

2021, A.J. Awang Draup; B. Rodgers; P.B. Prangnell; Q.M. Li; M.J. Lunt, "Modelling of Friction Stir Welded AA2139 Aluminium Alloy Panels in Tension and Blast"

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2021, M. J. Owens, M. Lockwood, L. A. Barnard, C. J. Scott, C. Haines & A. Macneil, "Extreme Space-Weather Events and the Solar Cycle"

2021, C. Haines, M.J. Owens, L. Barnard, M. Lockwood, A. Ruffenach, K. Boykin, R. McGranaghan, "Forecasting Occurrence and Intensity of Geomagnetic Activity with Pattern-Matching Approaches"

2021, A. Faulkner, C. E Bulgin and C. J Merchant, "Characterising industrial thermal plumes in coastal regions using 3-D numerical simulations" 

2021, B. Mcilwaine, M. Rivas Casado, "JellyNet: The convolutional neural network jellyfish bloom detector"

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2020, I. Nistor, "Nuclear Digital Twins at EDF"

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2020, B. Liu, S. He, C. Moulinec, J. Uribe, "A Numerical Study of Turbulent Upward Flow of Super Critical Water in a 2×2 Rod Bundle with Non-Uniform Heating"

2020, P. Nguyen, J. Uribe, I. Afgan, D. Laurence, "A Dual-Grid Hybrid RANS/LES Model for Under-Resolved Near-Wall Regions and its Application to Heated and Separating Flows" 

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2015, H.C. Winter, J.A. Tawn, "Modelling heatwaves in central France: a case study in extremal dependence", Journal of the Royal Statistical Society

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