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EDF UK R&D at Hinkley Point C to discuss the future of energy and Net Zero

By EDF | Posted May 19, 2023

Is there a more suitable location in the UK than Hinkley Point C to discuss the future of energy and Net Zero goals with the whole EDF UK R&D team?

This month, we had the amazing opportunity to bring the R&D team of EDF UK (over 50 colleagues from different areas of the country) for a site visit of this first new nuclear power station (two EPRs) to be constructed in the UK in over two decades.

When completed, HPC will produce low-carbon electricity for approximately six million homes, making a significant contribution to the country's efforts to reduce carbon emissions (its two EPR reactors will generate electricity that will offset nine million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year or 600 million tonnes over its lifespan of 60 years).

The team were given an insightful tour and had a great view over the site from the viewing platform to get a sense of the size of the project (the biggest currently in Europe) and see the professionalism of our HPC colleagues. A lot of the team had not been to Hinkley Point C before, and when on-site, you get to appreciate the scale of everything from Big Carl to all the pieces of equipment.

We were also pleased to use this opportunity to organize an R&D seminar in Cannington Court with the whole R&D team. It is essential to come together, connect and reconnect, and enhance synergies between our different R&D activities. We celebrated recent successes and also discussed collectively the future development opportunities for our company with one goal in mind: deliver research and innovation to help Britain achieve Net Zero.