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When it comes to renewing your business electricity contract, it couldn’t be simpler.

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Important Notice for New Connections: Unmetered Supplies Regulatory Update

As of 1 April 2024 Ofgem has mandated that any new Unmetered Supplies (UMS) connection MPANs will have to be Half Hourly settled.

Please note that if you require further information on a new connection you should contact the Unmetered Supplies Operator to ensure that your UMS Certificates for new UMS Inventories are Half Hourly settled.

For more information, please visit the UMSO website 

We do our best to get in touch with you and agree a new deal well before your business electricity contract ends. You can expect us to contact you about 200 days before your contract is due for renewal. If we can’t reach you the first time, we keep trying at regular intervals from then until your renewal date.

We’ll talk you through everything you need to know, so that you can decide what to do next. 

You’ll get an up-to-date quote, which you can accept there and then. Or you can shop around and see how our price compares to other suppliers. Ensure you get a like-for-like quote as some contracts may seem the same but have different Terms and Conditions.

Our business electricity quotes are based on energy market prices so they can change at any time. If our quote expires while you’re making up your mind, don’t worry: just ask, and we’ll provide you with an updated one.


Our business electricity contracts

Fixed price business electricity contract Peace of Mind

Fixed + Peace of Mind

 We guarantee your unit price will stay fixed in all but exceptional circumstances - no matter how much electricity you use.(2)

Fixed + Standard

Get a fixed price that’s easy to compare with other suppliers’ standard quotes. It includes all established costs and a generous tolerance for changes in your usage.

Zero Carbon for Business

Low carbon or standard? Think Zero Carbon for Business to see how making a choice about the source of your electricity supply could give your business better carbon credentials. 

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If you’d rather not wait for us to get in touch, or you want to be prepared when we call, here’s how to start the ball rolling.

To find out when your contract ends, you can look on your original contract or welcome letter. You can also call us on 0845 328 9030(1).

How to find your Meter Point Access Number.