Gas boiler care

Keep your boiler running with support and maintenance plans from our trusted partner. Need a new boiler? We can get it sorted quickly.

Should you maintain, repair or replace your gas boiler?

Gas boilers usually last around 10 to 15 years and heating makes up around 55% of your energy bills(1), so if your boiler is older it might cost you less to replace it.

Boiler maintenance and support - we've got your needs covered


from £7.33 p/m for 12 months

Protect yourself against boiler breakdown and get an annual boiler service.


from £27.99 p/m for 12 months

Get your boiler back up and running with our Gas Safe engineers.


from £1,920

Get a brand new, energy-efficient boiler installed the next day.

BOXT boiler engineer showing customer how to use

Get a new boiler and save up to £315 a year(1) with BOXT

A new A-rated energy-efficient boiler will use less gas than an older boiler that will save you up to £315 per year on bills(1) and reduce your carbon footprint

Gas boiler help and advice

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Moving home or renovating? Waste less heat, energy and money with insulation

Save up to £530 on energy bills(2) wrapping your home with insulation, as less heat is wasted by escaping out of your home. Your new boiler will last longer too as it's not working as hard to heat your home.

Looking for a greener alternative to a gas boiler?

Gas isn’t going to be around forever. 85% of gas-heated homes will be heated by a low-carbon source by the year 2050.

Now could be a great time to invest in an air source heat pump. In addition to helping the environment, you could save up to £2,755 over 10 years(3), due to Renewable Heat Incentive subsidies, and lower running costs than a gas boiler.

Here’s how air source heat pumps compare to an A-rated gas boiler

Make your home heating even smarter

Our range of smart products can help you save money without even thinking about it.

Picture of smart radiator valves

Smart radiator valves

There’s no point heating an empty room, but manual radiator valves rely on you remembering to turn them down. Let a smart radiator valve do that for you.

Picture of a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats

Our great range of smart, learning thermostats will adjust your heating automatically depending on the weather, the time of day and your settings.

Picture of a smart home assistant

Smart voice control

Control your home's heating with a smart home assistant such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, which also gives you remote control via their smartphone apps.

Watch video: How to install smart meters safely during COVID-19

Are you an existing customer? A smart meter could help you save energy

Smart meters show you how much you’re spending in pounds and pence, and send your meter readings automatically so you receive more accurate bills. Your smart meter comes with an in-home display to help you see your energy use as you're using it.

Find out about smart meters