Emergency gas boiler repairs

Boiler or central heating not working? Let our trusted partner, Collinson, fix it for you.

from £99

Call: 01444 442 882

70% of boiler repairs are fixed in 1 hour

Our trusted partner, Collinson, estimates that 70% of call-outs are caused by five common boiler problems that can usually be fixed by a Gas Safe engineer within 1 hour(1).

What's included in our boiler repair call-out fee:

  • £99 call-out for repairs Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, or £114 at any other time
  • All repairs are carried out by Gas Safe qualified engineers
  • Any replaced parts are guaranteed for 12 months, if there is a manufacturer fault
  • Call-out charge includes the first hour of labour - additional parts and labour not included.

Why repair your boiler?

Clear and fair pricing

Collinson tells us the average cost of a boiler repair is £190, including parts, labour and call-out.

If your boiler needs parts or additional labour beyond the first hour, you'll get a fixed price quote before any additional work is started.

Fixed quickly

One call to the 24/7 helpline could have an emergency engineer with you in just a few hours

Important information about COVID-19

All our partners are working hard to serve our customers and keep everyone safe during the coronavirus pandemic. If you have any questions or concerns, our partners will be happy to help

Should you repair or replace your boiler?

Unsure what you should do? Here are a few things to consider to help you decide whether you should repair or replace your boiler:


from £99

Is your boiler less than 11 years old and not working? It's worth getting an expert to see if it can be fixed before considering a boiler replacement.


from £80

It's worth servicing a boiler that's less than 11 years old and doesn't have any issues. A regular service can prolong its life and make it more efficient.


from £1,920

Is your boiler older than 11 years and has stopped working? It'd be worth replacing your boiler with a new A+ rated combi one. It could save you money over the long-term vs the cost of repair.

Book an emergency boiler repair

01444 442 882
Call the Collinson repair helpline any time of day, every day of the year

Confident landlord

Boiler repair for landlords

from £99

  • A rapid response service
  • Repaired by Gas Safe qualified engineers
  • Any parts replaced will be guaranteed for 12 months, if there is a manufacturer fault

Book a repair: 01444 442 882

Boiler problems and repair advice

boiler being repaired under insurance

Cover against boiler breakdown

from £8.59 per month

With the average cost of boiler repair being £190, don't let a broken boiler leave your out of pocket this winter. Get our boiler cover from as little as £8.59 per month.