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Metering for business

Whether it's installing and maintaining your business meters as your Meter Operator, or designing a solution to optimise your metering strategy through sub-metering - we're here to support your business.

Metering for business comes with a few extra challenges (as well as opportunities) than it does for residential properties.

If you’re managing energy for a business site with Half Hourly (HH) or Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meters, there are a few different things you need to have in place.

We provide half-hourly and AMR metering services throughout the country – so we can cover all your half-hourly and AMR meters, and sub-metering contract needs.

Contract with an appointed Meter Operator (MOp)

Your MOp is responsible for fitting, operating and maintaining your meters. So if something goes wrong, you can be sure that your meters can be fixed quickly and properly to limit disruption to your business.

If you’re not sure if you have one or not, you may be on what’s called a “default” contract. These are usually more expensive, so it’s best to contact your energy supplier to find out who your MOp is and their contact details.


This breaks down your energy consumption to specific units, buildings, pieces of equipment and even individual tenants, so you can apportion accurate costs and identify where to reduce your energy consumption and help make return on investment decisions.

This is useful for a wide variety of different types of organisations, and can be tailored to as much or little detail as needed.

Our highly experienced metering team can advise on the right technology for your site, fit the chosen meters and maintain them throughout the lifecycle. We’ll make sure you (or your client’s) half-hourly and AMR metering experience is a positive one – right from the word go. We’ve made the whole process as simple and manageable as possible – and we’ll support you from start to finish.

Our customer portfolio’s are diverse - across every corner of the Private and Public sector from High Street Retail, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Police forces to National Transport. With both single and multiple sites, we’re flexible no matter how large or small the project.

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Two engineers in white hard hats in conversation

How metering fits into your business' the Net Zero strategy

Metering leads to data about consumption, and an understanding of consumption can lead to reduction, meaning less cost and less emissions.

What we do:


Large business metering

  • Half Hourly and AMR metering
  • Import / Export Metering
  • Complex Metering End to End Service including optional Portfolio Project Management
  • Electricity Sub Metering
  • Professionally qualified Electrical Metering Engineers trained to the highest and most stringent Health and Safety Standards
  • Access to full EDF Group technical resources as one of the largest Energy Companies in the world, currently operating in 23 countries

Energy Management

Large Business energy management
  • Gas and water monitoring (main billing meters and/or sub metering).
  • Meter maintenance and commissioning.
  • Energy management (energy view data platform for automatic meter reading (AMR) and sub metering).
  • Portfolio management and reporting.

Contract Management

Large business contract management
  • Purchase or lease contract.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Dedicated contract handling.
  • Lifetime contract account management.
  • Our team can provide guidance on end-to-end metering procedures, processes and regulation changes – from registration and installation to billing.
  • Face-to-face services.
  • Personalised office support.
  • Tailored service.

EDF also offers a range of specialist metering services tailored to your organisation's needs.

  • CVA Code 1 Metering Fully Accredited Code 1MOP, large scale generation and renewables metering directly linked to the grid

  • Complex Metering Systems provision of consultancy, project management and installation of Complex metering fully compliant with BSCP 514

  • Metering Asset provision and installation for all codes of metering including Code 5,3,2, and including panels, CT’s and Chambers

  • Technical support and consultancy for all aspects of metering work, including Gas and Water Sub metering installation and consultancy

  • Tailored service and pricing to meet customer requirements