Deal with one meter operator, across all your sites and make managing your energy simple. We provide half-hourly and AMR metering services throughout the country – so we can cover all your sub-metering, multi-utility and half-hourly and AMR meters within a single meter operator contract.

Here’s what our meter operator team can do for you:

  • Specify the right meter technology for your sites.
  • Fit your chosen meters.
  • Manage and maintain your meters for life.
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What are the benefits for your business?


Large business metering

  • Half Hourly and AMR metering
  • Import / Export Metering
  • Complex Metering End to End Service including optional Portfolio Project Management
  • Electricity Sub Metering
  • Professionally qualified Electrical Metering Engineers trained to the highest and most stringent Health and Safety Standards
  • Access to full EDF Group technical resources as one of the largest Energy Companies in the world, currently operating in 23 countries

Energy Management System

Large Business energy management
  • Gas and water monitoring (main billing meters and/or sub metering).
  • Meter maintenance and commissioning.
  • Energy management (energy view data platform for automatic meter reading (AMR) and sub metering).
  • Portfolio management and reporting.

Contract Management

Large business contract management
  • Purchase or lease contract.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Dedicated contract handling.
  • Lifetime contract account management.
  • Account manager and contracts executive who provide guidance on end-to-end metering procedures, processes and regulation changes – from registration and installation to billing.
  • Face-to-face services.
  • Personalised office support.
  • Tailored service.

Specialist services

EDF also offers a range of specialist metering services tailored to your business's needs.

  • CVA Code 1 Metering Fully Accredited Code 1MOP.
  • Complex Metering Systems provision of consultancy, project management and installation of Complex metering fully compliant with BSCP 514.
  • Metering Asset provision and installation for all codes of metering including Code 5,3,2, and including 1 panels CTs and Chambers.
  • Technical support and consultancy for all aspects of metering work, including gas and water sub- metering installation and consultancy.
  • Tailored service and pricing to meet customer requirements.

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