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Breaking down your energy consumption so you can apportion accurate costs, identify where to reduce your energy consumption and help make return on investment decisions.

What is sub-metering?

Electrical sub-metering involves the installation of additional meters downstream of your main utility meter.

It allows businesses to monitor individual areas of buildings, equipment and even individual tenants.

To help our customers understand their sites, their buildings and manage their energy, we have a range of business metering services through our Industrial and Commercial Metering & Solutions Team.


The benefits of sub-metering

  • More granular energy consumption information about your business or site
  • Accurate energy monitoring, which can help cost attribution
  • Help to reduce wastage
  • Good information will support return on investment decisions
  • Early warning system that critical equipment may need maintenance
  • Compare and benchmark  sites and buildings
  • No estimated readings

What kind of organisations use sub-metering and what for?

Commercial Landlords billing Tenants

Installing sub-meters downstream of the main electricity meter enables the landlord to accurately apportion the tenants' energy bills (without resorting to dividing the bill by m2 or subdividing the utility bill across tenants which can lead to complaints).

Tenant being billed by  Commercial Landlords

Tenant can get data to:

  • manage overheads and ensure they’re billed fairly
  • monitor their carbon footprint
  • understand their capacity to assess growth opportunity.

On site generation

Where you want to enter into a capacity market agreement for your sites but cannot use the existing fiscal meters then we can provide bespoke  metering for individual assets installed to the correct standard to meet the relevant code of practice.

Commercial and Industrial Customers

Sub-meters can give you more granularity over what the supply meter can offer. Using this data, you can understand where energy is being used, by when and by what, to reduce costs, energy, and CO2

Power Quality of machinery

Businesses, such as industrial and manufacturing, having issues with their equipment can have dedicated metering to monitor the quality of their power supply.

predictive data analytics - Pulse Awards

C.A.T. Box – Customer Access Terminal

Where we are the Meter Operator we can offer a way to extract more detailed data from your meter, which can be used with your own Building Management System