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You're already flexible with your business model, workspace, working hours. Now find out how to save and profit from being flexible with your energy too. Get 'Positive Disruption: the power of flexibility in our low-carbon future'

Our energy solutions

Use PowerReport to remotely monitor your energy use.

Energy efficiency for business

Identify saving opportunities with our remote monitoring PowerReport. Then get a live view of your energy consumption using PowerNow.

Electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles

Free initial consultancy, great electric vehicle leasing deals, charger installation and energy supply. Find out how we can make your EV transition easy, seamless and hassle free.

Demand side response

Unlock cash saving and revenue potential by switching the times you use energy to periods of low demand. We can help you scope your flexibility potential and start earning.

Infrastructure services

Building or changing a business property? We’ll take on the hard work, getting you connected on time and without hassle.

Metering solutions

Why deal with different meter operators for different sites? It can be so much simpler. Our meter operator contracts can cover all your sub-metering, multi-utility and half-hourly meters under one contract.

Cranes by office block

Commercial electricity supply connections

Get in touch with us to request a meter installation at your site.

Join the growing electric vehicle community

Take a look at some businesses who are already making the transition to electrify their fleets and learn from their experiences

Milk & More lead the way with the UK's largest fleet

Discover how grocery delivery business Milk & More is making major changes to be more sustainable. It's removed pointless plastic from its packaging and is now the proud owner of the UK’s largest electric vehicle fleet.

49 MW battery at the West Burton B site.

Battery storage solutions

Use battery storage to optimise your onsite generation, increase your energy resilience and save money.


Learn how you can combine cooling with heating and save money by generating power.

District heating and cooling

Save carbon and money with heating and cooling networks in your area.

Energy brokers and consultants

You have the connections and we have the contracts, work with us to find your clients the best energy deal for their business and yours.

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EV for Business: Capacity constraints and how to avoid them
In a recent webinar for The Energyst’s EV Week, Vincent de Rul, Director of EV Solutions at EDF, shared his advice on the implications for the management of site capacity when creating a charging infrastructure plan. Vincent explains his advice for businesses looking to begin their transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs).