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How we generate our electricity

We're Britain's biggest generator of zero carbon electricity(1), generating zero carbon electricity from wind + nuclear + solar.

We've never been busier helping cut UK carbon emissions to nothing

By generating zero carbon electricity from wind, nuclear and solar we can power the nation, whatever the weather.

We develop, build, operate and maintain renewable technologies throughout their lifetime, specialising in wind power, solar and battery storage technology.

We run a large fleet of low carbon nuclear power stations and we are building a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point, and planning a second at Sizewell.


We are one of the UK and Ireland’s leaders in developing wind projects


We’re investing in a new generation of low-carbon nuclear power stations

  • Hinkley Point C in Somerset will provide low-carbon electricity for around 6 million homes and create thousands of jobs
  • Sizewell C will be an almost identical replica of Hinkley Point C and could save nine million tonnes of CO2 a year*
  • In 2021 our nuclear power stations generated around a fifth of the UK's electricity

* for each year of operation compared to a gas-fired power station


We have an ambitious vision for solar and battery storage in the UK and Ireland

  • Our first solar farm of grid-scale at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, will be approximately 139 hectares in size
  • Plans for a major solar farm and battery storage project at Longfield, Essex
  • We are building solar panels on the roofs of a number of Tesco’s largest stores in England which will supply them directly with renewable power

Helping Britain achieve Net Zero

We're investing to accelerate the UK’s shift to low-carbon nuclear
and renewable energy and storage

Renewable energy

Creating a Net Zero future where clean energy powers our lives

We’re already one of the UK and Ireland’s leading renewable energy companies, developing, building, operating and maintaining innovative wind, solar and battery storage projects. We’re also investing in decarbonising the UK’s transport sector and developing vital power infrastructure for charging electric vehicles.

Our expert team is helping England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to achieve their ambitious low carbon targets - and we want to do even more. We’re planning to build five times what we already have in operation responsibly and sustainably.

Building new nuclear power stations

Helping to provide a secure energy supply for the future

Alongside the growth of renewables, nuclear has a key role to play in providing a steady base of reliable, low-carbon power to the UK.

In just a few years many of the UK's power stations are expected to close. If they are not replaced, there might not be enough electricity supply to meet the demands of houses and businesses.

As well as helping the UK’s future energy needs, building and developing new nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point and Sizewell will create thousands of jobs and opportunities to British people and companies.

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UK Power stations

The UK's nuclear power stations have generated enough zero-carbon electricity to power every home in the UK for 18 years.

Image of six windmills at sunset generating renewable electricity

Our fuel mix

Every year we publish details of the fuel sources that have been used to generate the electricity we supply to our customers.

Sustainable business update

Find out what we’re doing today, tomorrow and in the coming years to help Britain achieve Net Zero.