Power stations

We operate nuclear, gas and coal power stations across the UK. We are also planning to build two new nuclear powers stations at Hinkley Point and Sizewell and a proposed development of a gas power station at Sutton Bridge.

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Nuclear power station under construction

Nuclear New Build

We strongly believe that nuclear has a key role to play in providing reliable, low carbon and affordable energy to the UK, helping to meet future demand. That's why we are investing in Nuclear New Build projects.

Engineer looking through a restricted porthole viewing pane

Join us...

...on a series of video tours at one of our nuclear power stations, and meet the people behind the power.

Sizewell B site tour

Visit a power station

Drop into one of our visitor centres, where we have interactive exhibitions to help you learn more about power generation. You can also book a free tour of any of our nuclear power stations.

Safety and reporting

Safety and reporting

Our number one priority is safety. Find out about EDF Energy's commitment to Zero Harm.

Torness nuclear power station under a clear blue sky

Nuclear plant status

Here you will find a weekday update of the statuses of our eight nuclear power stations. Find out which nuclear reactors are in service and what they were generating. You can also see which reactors are out of service, what the reasons are and when we expect them to return to service. In addition, we have included the expected timing of the next statutory outage of each nuclear reactor.

Legal disclaimer: Although reasonable care has been taken in compiling this information, EDF Energy, accepts no liability in respect of any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies contained or referred to in it, or in respect of any use of or reliance on such information by any person for any purpose. Additional information on the availability of our nuclear power stations can be found on our REMIT page.

Our fuel mix

Every year we must publish details of the fuel sources we use to generate our customers’ electricity. The information in the table below covers our two active supply licences, EDF Energy Customers plc and British Energy Direct Limited, for the period from April 2014 to March 2015. Our customers’ electricity is sourced from our own UK power stations, the wholesale energy market and other independent power generators. We are a major supporter of independent renewable generators.


 CoalGasNuclearRenewableOtherCO2 g/kWhRadioactive waste g/kWh
EDF Energy's fuel mix
Contribution to our carbon emissions89.5%10.1%0.0%0.0%0.4%  
UK average fuel mix26.7% 29.7%22.2%19.3%2.1%3690.0016


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Wind farm

Renewable energy

EDF Energy Renewables is EDF Group's UK renewables development company. We have on and offshore wind farm projects in service and in advanced development across the country.

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Our Customer Commitments

We are committed to delivering fair value, better service and simplicity.