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Nuclear power stations in the UK

Our nuclear fleet has generated enough zero-carbon electricity (over 2000TWh) to power every home in the UK for 19 years.

UK nuclear power station generation

EDF nuclear power stations


Torness power station on the east coast of Scotland is capable of supplying electricity to over 2 million UK homes.

Picture of Heysham nuclear power station

Heysham 1

Heysham 1 on the north west coast of England generated low carbon electricity for 1.6 million homes in 2020.

Heysham 2 power station

Heysham 2

Heysham is the only site in the UK to have two operating nuclear power stations. Heysham 2 generated low carbon electricity for 2.4 million homes in 2020.

Picture of Hartlepool power station


Hartlepool on the north east coast of England is capable of supplying electricity to over 2 million UK homes.

Picture of Sizewell nuclear power station

Sizewell B

Sizewell B on the Suffolk coast is the UK’s only Pressurised Water Reactor.

Nuclear decommissioning

Dungeness B, Hunterston B and Hinkley Point B are the first of EDF’s nuclear power stations to end generation and start decommissioning.

Meet the people behind the power

For more than 60 years, nuclear power stations in the UK have been quietly keeping Britain fuelled with massive amounts of home-grown energy.

Our teams up and down the country are proudly continuing to serve the nation – but they also have an eye on the future.

Helping Britain achieve Net Zero

We're investing to accelerate the UK’s shift to low-carbon nuclear and renewable energy and storage.

Investing in renewable energy

We’re one of the UK and Ireland’s leading renewable energy companies, developing, building, operating and maintaining innovative wind, solar and battery storage projects. We’re also investing in decarbonising the UK’s transport sector and developing vital power infrastructure for charging electric vehicles.

Investing in new nuclear

As we move away from fossil fuels we'll need more power from clean sources and nuclear has a key role to play in providing reliable, low carbon and affordable energy to the UK. That's why we're building a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point, and planning a second at Sizewell.

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Thermal power stations

West Burton A and Cottam Power Station coal-fired power stations are currently in the demolition phase, led by Brown and Mason.

Helping Britain achieve Net Zero

How we’re supporting an affordable, secure and just transition.

How we generate our power

As Britain's biggest generator of zero carbon electricity(1) we generate power from wind + nuclear + solar