Hinkley Point B power station

Hinkley Point B is a nuclear power station near Bridgwater in Somerset. The station was the first Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor to generate electricity to the grid in the UK.

Since 1976 Hinkley Point B has generated low carbon electricity for 81 million homes

Avoiding 105.5m tonnes of CO2 emissions*

Like taking every car off the UK’s roads for 18 months

*when compared to direct emissions of combined cycle gas turbines | all figures rounded to the nearest hundred thousand

Watch video: Take a look around Hinkley Point B nuclear power station with Station Director Peter Evens

Take a look around Hinkley Point B nuclear power station

Station Director Peter Evans takes a tour of Hinkley Point B and explains the integral role graphite plays in Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors.

About Hinkley Point B

  • Station Director: Peter Evans
  • Reactor type: 2 Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors
  • Total supply to the national grid: 965 MW
  • Coolant: Carbon dioxide gas (CO2)
  • Start of construction: 1967
  • Start of generation: 1976
  • Estimated decommissioning date: July 2022
  • People: Approximately 535 full time EDF employees, plus over 220 full time contract partners
  • Daily plant status - find out which reactors at our eight nuclear power stations are in service and what they are generating (data updated on weekdays)

Visit Hinkley Point B power station

Due to Coronavirus all site tours have been suspended and our exhibition centre remains closed, we are also unfortunately unable to take any forward bookings at this time. We will update our website with further information when the situation changes.

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Picture of Hinkley Point B nuclear power station

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Format: 09/12/2021
Format: 09/12/2021
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Throwing yourself out of an aeroplane at 15,000ft may not sound sensible for someone afraid of heights – but that’s just what Hinkley Point B's Paul Gallagher did as part of a fundraising drive.

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