Smart meters with EDF Energy

The Smart Installation Society is here

When you switch to EDF Energy, we’ll let you know when you can have a smart meter, installed by a member of our Smart Installation Society. Once it's up and running you’ll be able to see how much energy you use in pounds and pence. And you’ll only pay for what you use as your smart meter sends us your meter readings automatically. 

Get £500(2) off a new boiler

Looking to replace your boiler?

We've teamed up with Help-Link to provide you with this exlusive offer. Winter's just around the corner so why not benefit from £500(2) off a new more efficent boiler. Don't miss out on this amazing offer! - it ends 31 December 2017. 

Our gas and electricity tariffs

Amazon Echo

You're GUARANTEED to have no price rises until at least February 2020


  • This tariff includes a £150 Gift Card. You can use this to claim an Amazon Echo Plus or millions of other items at

  • Control your energy account; listen to music, the news and more, with just your voice

  • No price rises guaranteed for 2 years

Heating Cover



  • Free boiler and heating insurance for first 12 months, subject to terms and conditions

  • Long term fixed prices


You're GUARANTEED to have no price rises until at least November 2018


  • Take control of your energy, see how much energy you're using in pounds and pence

  • Competitive fixed prices with no price rises

  • Low Prices if you have a smart meter or would like one

Low Cost

ONLINE ONLY TARIFF. Competitive fixed prices with no price rises GUARANTEED until at least November 2018


  • Low fixed prices

  • Easy and convenient online account management

Our Blue+Fixed Prepayment tariff is available to customers with prepayment meters.

EDF Energy will take responsibility for your switch, making sure the process is simple, reliable and hassle-free. Visit our Energy Switch Guarantee page to find out more.

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