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GoElectric Overnight

Charge up your electric vehicle for under £10 overnight, saving you cash and carbon while you sleep(1).

Why choose GoElectric Overnight?

  • It's one of the lowest priced EV tariffs around right now - ideal for powering your electric car and home(2)
  • Save cash and carbon while you sleep with 5 hours of off-peak electricity at just 9p per kWh
  • Do your 20 mile commute for as little as 51p(3)
  • Get peace of mind with a fixed price for the length of your tariff
  • 100% zero carbon nuclear electricity(4)
  • Works with all charge points and electric vehicles
  • Available for all new and existing customers

To be eligible, your smart meter must be fully compatible with our systems. Exit fees apply: £75 per fuel. View our full tariff eligibility criteria

How to get GoElectric Overnight

Already an EDF customer with a smart meter?

Great news! Simply sign up to our GoElectric Overnight tariff 

Got a smart meter, but yet to join EDF?

  1. Sign up to our Standard Variable rate tariff 
  2. Once we've connected to your smart meter and supply, we'll then help you move to our GoElectric Overnight tariff

Not yet with EDF and don't have a smart meter?

  1. Get our Standard Variable tariff 
  2. Sign up for MyAccount
  3. Book your smart meter installation with us(5)
  4. Once we've connected to your smart meter and supply, we'll then help you move to our GoElectric Overnight tariff

GoElectric FAQs

Yes. This tariff is exclusively available to drivers of an electric vehicle, which they charge at home. 

This depends on how much energy you use within the off-peak hours of your chosen tariff.

We recommend you should be using at least 6% of your energy within the off-peak hours for GoElectric Overnight to make it a good option for you. Our EV customers use an average of 43% during off-peak hours on this tariff.

No. GoElectric Overnight is available as dual fuel, but you can use it only for your electricity. You just need an active EDF electricity account with a fully connected (5) smart meter. 

No. You must have a fully connected smart meter(5). The smart meter tells us how much electricity you’re using during peak and off-peak hours, which we then use to work out your bill.

Don't worry, we'll check which meter you have when you get a quote and let you know your next steps. 

If you don't have a compatible smart meter we can connect to, unfortunately you won’t be able to get GoElectric Overnight. We’ll do our best to install a smart meter in your area and communicate with it, however sometimes, for reasons beyond our control, we're unable to do this. You can either stay on our GoElectric Single Rate tariff or change your EDF tariff. If you choose to leave us, don’t worry - we won’t charge you an exit fee.

It takes two to four weeks to get a smart meter, once you've joined EDF. Occasionally this may take a little longer, depending on where you live.

If you're an existing EDF customer you can book a smart meter appointment through MyAccount

You’ll need to join EDF on our Standard Variable rate tariff, while we take over your supply and connect(6) with your smart meter, if you already have one.

No Smart meter? No problem! Once your electricity supply is with us, you can book an appointment through MyAccount.

Once your smart meter is installed and connected you’ll be ready to access GoElectric Overnight.

Ready to switch to GoElectric Overnight?

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