Go Electric EV tariff - half-price electricity on weekday evenings and all weekend

An electric car tariff, also known as EV tariff, is an electricity tariff specifically designed for EV drivers. We created the GoElectric tariff to help you power your home and charge your car at a lower price.

  • Pay just 8p per kWh during off-peak hours, from 9pm to 7am Monday to Friday and all weekend.

  • Relax knowing all your car and home energy needs are covered.

  • Go low-carbon by using electricity that comes from sources such as wind, solar, biomass, tidal, and hydroelectric power.

Want to sign up to our EV tariff? You need to:

Step 1: Own or lease an electric car.

Step 2: Sign up to our exclusive flat-rate electricity tariff. This is our lowest priced flat rate electricity tariff, exclusive for EV drivers.

If you are an existing EDF customer with a newer type of smart meter you may be able to move to our half-price evenings and weekends tariff straight away.

Step 3: Get a compatible smart meter. You need to have a smart meter that can send us your energy usage information every 30 minutes.

Step 4: Upgrade to half-price electricity on evenings and weekends once you have a compatible smart meter installed. We can help you do this.

Get cheaper, low-carbon electricity with GoElectric.

Your GoElectric EV tariff questions answered

Chameleon 3 smart meter display shows how much electricity and gas is being used in real time, in pounds and pence.

Why do I need a compatible smart meter?

You need to have a compatible smart meter so that we can read your meter automatically every half an hour. This is how we'll work out how much electricity you're using and when, so that we can apply half-price evenings and weekends to your bills.


How can I tell which meter I have?

You have a smart meter if you also have an in-home display that shows how much energy you're using. Don't worry if you're not sure, we'll check which meter you have when you get a quote.

How much does the GoElectric Tariff cost?

Our GoElectric tariff with off-peak hours costs only 8p per kWh (off-peak) and the flat-rate costs from just 12.12p per KWh all day. 

View GoElectric tariff rates (PDF 133KB).


How much will it cost to fully charge my electric vehicle?

Charging costs depend on the type of electric car you have and the energy tariff you're on.

For example, if you're on our GoElectric tariff with off-peak hours and have a Nissan Leaf or a Renault Zoe with 40kW battery, off-peak it would cost around £3.20 to fully charge your car.


What happens if I don't have a compatible smart meter?

If you don't have the latest smart meter we'll sign you up to our flat-rate version of the GoElectric tariff. This is an exclusive tariff for customers without a compatible smart meter.

  • Save up to £210(1) over a year and pay around the same amount as customers on our GoElectric tariff with off-peak hours,
  • Pay just 12.12p per kWh all day, every day,
  • Switch to GoElectric tariff with half-price electricity on evenings and weekends when you have a compatible smart meter.

Ready to switch to GoElectric? It only takes a few minutes to get a quote.

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