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Frequently Asked Questions for Large Business

Questions and answers about EDF for Large Business

We want to make it easier for you to get the answers to your questions

Below we have answered some of your most frequently asked questions. We have included helpful links to make it easier for you to manage your energy accounts

Help & queries
Broker help



How can I see who has access to my data in MyBusiness?

You can see who has access to your data on the main customer page by clicking the tab ‘3rd Parties with Access’, which shows which TPIs have or have had access to your data and for what time period.

How can I add or remove a user’s access in MyBusiness?

If you need to amend access for a user or a TPI, please contact us via a query (query type: Request a Change / Closure to your online account). 

How can I add a site to my portfolio?

If you’d like to add a site to your portfolio, this can be done by raising the “Add a site” query. Fill in all the details and then a member of our team will get back to you.

When will my sites show in MyBusiness?

If you’re new to EDF Energy or have added a site to your portfolio then your sites will show in MyBusiness when they’ve completed the registration process. This should be around the sites’ supply start date.

I’m a new EDF Energy customer, when will I see anything in MyBusiness?

If you’re brand new to EDF Energy you’ll be able to log into MyBusiness and raise a query if required, but your sites and account information will be populated once the sites have been registered and the start date of your contract has been reached.


Help & queries

How do I raise a query in MyBusiness?

Once you’re logged into MyBusiness on any screen you can click the Action button in the top right hand corner and then select “Raise a Query”. Just choose the query type and fill out as many details as possible. One of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. When one of the team responds, you’ll get a notification in MyBusiness and an email to let you know you’ve had a response.

How do I see my closed queries in the inbox?

To see any closed queries, click on Query Dashboard from the left hand menu and then click the Closed tab. Then either search for your query or amend the dates to search for a different date range. You can also see these in your inbox by changing the filter on the right hand side to include ‘Closed’.



Are e-bills available in MyBusiness?

Yes e-bills are available. To download an e-bill you will need to click the orange button on the right hand side (shown below), which becomes visible as you hover on the invoice number.   

 Make sure you save the file as a .mm file (add .mm at the end of the file name) so you can open your bill using EDF Energy's e-bill reader.

Where can I see and download a statement of an account?

When on the Account screen, click on the Account History tab. This will show you all invoices, credit notes, and any payments or refunds. By clicking the Download button (shown below) at the top right you can extract your account history as a CSV document. 

You can also look at more than one account at a time by looking at the Account Report, which can be found by clicking Reports and Data Push from the left hand menu.

Why can’t I see my child invoices?

If you’re a customer that uses consolidated billing, this will mean that you only receive one invoice for all of your sites each month. In our systems the child accounts are calculated automatically and combined together to create the invoice. This means a child “invoice” is never actually created, it’s all shown on the consolidated invoice. For more information please check out this consolidated billing guide.



How can I export consumption data? 

There are two ways to extract consumption data. From the left hand menu, click Data Analysis and then click either Data Analysis or Data Export. Data Analysis allows you to look at a small number of sites in a graphical format. You can export the data by clicking the export button.

Using the Data Export feature will add all the sites for the customer into the assigned box. If you just want a small number of sites you’ll need to select the sites you don’t want and then click the remove meters button (shown below). 

How can I see my Reactive Power data?

To see Reactive Power data, follow the same steps as you would to download consumption (instructions above), but then change the drop down to Reactive Power as shown below. 

Why is my consumption data on MyBusiness different to my bill?

Consumption data in MyBusiness is accurate up to the previous day, giving you the most up-to-date view of your consumption. There can be a number of reasons why your data in MyBusiness may have changed since you received your bill, but the most common will be because revised reads or actual reads have replaced estimated readings. Reads that come in after the invoice has been produced will show in MyBusiness and will not be reflected in the previous invoice but will be reflected in your next invoice.

Take a look at our guide to your consumption for more information.



Why do some widgets display “no data available”?

If we don’t receive your data half hourly then we won’t be able to show your consumption within the widgets. Your energy use for NHH meters can be seen within your bills. You can customise the widgets on your dashboard by selecting the Action button, then Dashboard Manager.

What can I see on the Feed tab?

Within the Feed tab you can see a variety of activity including meter read submissions and raised queries. If you’re on the main dashboard this will be for the company as a whole, or if you click on the feed tab when in a selected Account or Site, this will show recent activity for that specific Account or Site.

Why does the address on the account page not match my site address?

The address on the account page is the company address which was used to set up your contract. The site address for the account can be seen by clicking the Site tab within the account page.

How can I upload a document into MyBusiness?

It’s really easy, on the main customer home page, click the Documents tab. Next click the Action button in the top right and then Document Upload. Fill out the information and then choose the file from your computer to upload. Finally click Save Report. You should now be able to find it in the Documents tab. 


Broker help

Why can’t I see my customer in MyBusiness?

As a broker you should be able to see all your customers listed in the companies menu. If there’s a customer missing, then select ‘Raise a Query’ via the Action button to request access to your customer’s account. You’ll need to change the company to the broker you’re working for and then on the files tab, upload the Letter of Authority for the customer. This will then be actioned by a member of the team and can take up to 48 hours. 

Why can’t I see historic data in MyBusiness?

You will only be able to see data in MyBusiness for periods where there is a valid LOA in place. LOA start and end dates can be viewed on the 3rd party access tab on your dashboard.