Low-carbon nuclear energy

EDF is leading the transition to a cleaner, low emission electric future, tackling climate change and helping Britain achieve net zero. We are Britain’s biggest generator of zero-carbon electricity(1), meeting around one-fifth of the country’s demand and supplying millions of customers with electricity and gas.

Investing in nuclear power to help Britain achieve net zero


Around a fifth of the UK's electricity is generated by our eight nuclear power stations, helping power our customers' homes and businesses.

EDF is also leading the UK's nuclear renaissance with the construction of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C, and plans for new power stations at Sizewell C in Suffolk and Bradwell B in Essex.

Nuclear power is the most affordable, low-carbon energy source currently available to the UK. EDF is playing a key role in the development of nuclear sites, while Hinkley Point C will provide low-carbon electricity to meet 7% of the UK demand. The project is already making a positive impact on the local and national economy as well as boosting skills and education.

In 2019 EDF's 8 nuclear power stations generated enough low carbon electricity for 49% of UK homes

Avoiding 17.8m tonnes of CO2 emissions*

Like taking 8.1m cars off UK roads for a year

*When compared to direct emissions of combined cycle gas turbines | all figures rounded to the nearest hundred thousand

Generating low-carbon electricity


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