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We know nuclear

For more than 60 years, nuclear power stations in the UK have been quietly keeping Britain fuelled with massive amounts of home-grown energy.

Our teams up and down the country are proudly continuing to serve the nation – but they also have an eye on the future.

It takes a special kind of person to work in the nuclear energy industry and although we have thousands of them there’s always a need for more.

Our industry has a mind-boggling range of opportunities and more jobs, and in more places, than you might think. But it’s also an industry which is changing. Meet six members of our nuclear family excited by the opportunities on our changing horizon.

“It's more about how you think about things than what your background is."

Jennifer works in a technical team supporting ongoing operation at the UK’s nuclear power stations and believes that we need the technology to underpin Britain’s energy mix as we head into the future.

Ashley’s job is to explore the huge potential for Heysham’s nuclear future. He knows the Lancashire site is the ideal place to build new nuclear and is tasked with thinking how we could make the most of exciting new technology that could go there.

"There are opportunities across the board for everybody."

For Shaheed the family feeling at Hinkley Point B is what makes it such a special place. Over 46 years the nation’s most productive power station generated zero-carbon home-grown electricity – now it’s entering a whole new phase but there’s plenty to do and uniquely skilled people doing it.

Andy has worked at Hartlepool for 26 years, providing the UK with reliable, home grown zero-carbon electricity. The team are now looking at what other nuclear technology could be hosted on the site, to help Britain stay energy independent and keep prices down.

"The business appreciates diversity of thought, so it's not just about having the technical skills."

Meet Natalie. She is just one of the thousands of uniquely skilled engineers working to support the UK’s nuclear fleet. Next year we’re planning to recruit up to 200 more people like her to help ensure our nuclear power stations keep generating the zero-carbon power that keeps Britain going.

George is in nuclear for the long haul. He knows that Sizewell B and the zero-carbon electricity it produces will give him a job for life as well as help Britain towards Net Zero.

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Investing in nuclear power to help Britain achieve Net Zero

Our nuclear fleet has generated enough zero-carbon electricity to power every home in the UK for 18 years, and we're leading the UK's nuclear renaissance with the construction of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C.

We're Britain's biggest generator of zero carbon electricity(1)

By generating zero carbon electricity from wind, nuclear and solar we can power the nation, whatever the weather.

Find a career that will deliver change

From our engineers to our customer service advisors, our scientists to our apprentices, every single one of us is committed to reducing the UK’s carbon emissions to zero.