Low-carbon air source heat pumps

Typically save £1,597 over 10 years(1) and produce 64% less carbon emissions(2) for a gas heated home

An air source heat pump can save £1,597 over 10 years(1)

With the RHI scheme subsidising installing an air source heat pump, there's never been a better time to get one

Support with your heat pump

Daikin air source heat pumps are up to three and a half times more efficient than an equivalent gas boiler(3), so you can heat your home and water for a similar cost to gas

Thanks to the Renewable Heat Incentive, you could claim £7,574 in subsidies for an average 3 bed home(4) depending on your energy usage

Longer life & easier maintenance than a boiler

According to Energy Saving Trust, you can expect your heat pump to last 20 years or more(5) compared to 10 to 15 years for a gas boiler

We recommend a simple annual check by a qualified person

Better for the environment

An air source heat pump produces up to 64% less CO₂ than a gas boiler(2), so for a 3 bed home you can save the equivalent of 5 return flights from London to Madrid over a year(2)

Heat pumps heat your home and hot water even when temperatures outside are as low as -20ºC(6)

How much does an air source heat pump cost and what savings can I make?

With 64% less carbon emissions(2) and similar costs to gas boilers, the question is - Why wouldn't you?


10 year carbon savings


Initial cost


£8,999 for av. 3 bed home

10 year total cost


£7,961 includes RHI subsidy

Gas Boiler

10 year carbon savings


Initial cost



10 year total cost



Calculations are typical for a 3 bed house(1)

Daikin engineer installing a full air source heat pump outside a house

What is an air source heat pump?

An energy-efficient air source heat pump (ASHP) works like a fridge but in reverse. It absorbs heat from the outside air and circulates it through your heating system.

The pump uses electricity to run and can use one unit of electricity to generate up to three and a half times more heat(3).

For an air source heat pump to be effective, and to claim on the Renewable Heat Incentive, you will need at least 150mm loft insulation to prevent heat escaping through the walls or roof.

Air source heat pump outside

Air source heat pumps you can trust

For our equipment, we've partnered with Daikin, the biggest manufacturer of air source heat pumps in Europe with products sold in over 150 countries.

And for added peace of mind, we're working with a network of highly trained Daikin installers who are all accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and TrustMark certified, the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme, so you know they're thoroughly vetted and commited to good customer service, technical competence and trading practices.

Funding your air source heat pump

If you join the RHI scheme – and stick to the rules  – you’ll get paid for the amount of renewable heat your system produces. The payments will be made four times a year over seven years.

What air source heat pump customers say

We love the Air Source Heat Pump, it provides a constant ambient comfortable temperature throughout the house. Now it’s always warm.

Anna Edwards, Bridgwater, Somerset

I am delighted with the efficiency and relatively quietness of the Air Source Heat Pump itself. It is an environmental and engineering marvel.

Peter Corkill, Canterbury, Kent

Is an air source heat pump right for your home?

Fire burns inside a gas boiler

Gas homes

If you have an old boiler and reasonably insulated home, then you can switch to an energy-efficient air source heat pump. Our trusted installers will recommend the right heat pump based on your needs and house type.

domestic plastic oil storage tank in garden

Oil or LPG homes

A hybrid heat pump could be the best option for you if your heating runs on Oil or LPG. A Hybrid upgrade simply adds a smaller heat pump to your home so you use less oil or LPG without overhauling your entire system.

fibreglass loft insulation roll in attic

Have you thought about insulation?

Any heating system is only effective if the heat it's creating doesn't escape through a poorly insulated roof or walls. Prevent heat loss and save up to £530 on your energy bills(7) by adding insulation to your home.

Electric heating advice

windmills generating renewable electricity

Get an exclusive zero carbon tariff

EDF is Britain's largest generator of zero carbon electricity(8). We've partnered with Daikin to offer an exclusive low-cost zero carbon tariff for our heat pump customers.

Once your new system is installed, Daikin or the installer will provide you with details on how to access the exclusive tariff.