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Cut your energy bills by 27% with a modern Dimplex Quantum heater compared to a standard storage heater(1)

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Our installers will take the time to understand how you use each room in your home and advise on the best solution for you. This may include a mix of Quantum storage heaters, panel heaters and even a smart water tank.

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Our trusted Dimplex-approved installers are fully qualified electricians with a wealth of experience in home heating and installation. And while they work, they'll keep the house nice and tidy too.

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Our installers are happy to answer any questions you have and will take you through all the controls including how to use your Dimplex electric heaters and Dimplex hub and app.

Why get a Dimplex Quantum storage heater?

What is the Dimplex Quantum storage heater

Smart electric storage heater doesn't waste heat or money

  • Up to 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage heater(1)
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Easy-to-use controls and boost heating element
  • Up to 10 years manufacturer's warranty(2)
  • Smart function with a Dimplex Hub

Costs of electric storage heaters

According to a detailed report, the running costs of electric heaters can vary a great deal. Here we've summarised the differences in annual costs of electric heaters, standard storage heaters and Dimplex Quantum heaters. It turns out you could save up to £390 on your energy bills if you replace your old storage heaters with more efficient ones - that's up to a 27% saving. If you use convector heaters, you could save even more - up to a huge 46%(3).

Annnual running costs of electric heaters in a 1960s home - EDF

Costs of electric heating in a 1960s home

If you have a 2-bed 1960s house, built to typical at the time regulations, an electric radiator can cost on average £1,399 to run annually. A standard storage heater will cost about £985 to run. Whilst, a Dimplex Quantum storage heater costs around £745. 

Annual running costs of electric heaters in a 1990s house - EDF

Costs of electric heating in a 1990s home

If you have a 2-bed 1990s home, built to typical at the time regulations, an electric radiator can cost on average £849 to run annually. A standard storage heater will cost about £575 to run. Whilst, a Dimplex Quantum storage heater costs around £455. 

Dimplex Quantum storage heater reviews and case studies

Ahmed-Dolphin Family Dimplex Quantum storage heater case study 2017

Amy bought her first house in 2004, a two-bedroom, ex-local authority, end of terrace property in the picturesque hamlet of Rowington, Warwickshire. Due to its rural location, the majority of the village is situated off the gas grid, including the Ahmed-Dolphin home, which was heated using manual electric night storage heater technology which is around 30 years old, as well as an open fire.

After 11 years in the house, and despite having replaced the open fire with a solid-fuel stove, Amy and her husband Saleem researched how they could further reduce heating bills in the 1960s property, which also suffers heat loss due to poor insulation.


All the residents I have spoken to have noticed a significant saving in their electricity bills and the best thing is that the heaters are so easy to use.

Mr W, Birmingham

We upgraded the heaters to the Dimplex Quantum heaters and we’ve been really happy with the result. The running cost is maybe half what it was previously and they allow us to set times to heat each room independently as well as having a boost function to get heat outside of the scheduled times...

Mr S, Poynings

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