Get advanced storage heating

Looking to cut your energy bills with stylish off-peak electric heating? Let us put you in touch with a qualified storage heater installer.

You can cut your energy bills by 27% with a modern Quantum heater compared to a standard storage heater(1)

You'll also get heat when you need it, and avoid wasting heat during the day.

What is a Quantum storage heater and how do they work?

Complete control and comfort, 24/7

Quantum is a 'smart' high-heat retention storage heater that delivers heat only when it's needed, so no energy or money is wasted — no longer waste heat during the day or run out in the evening.

  • Stylish, compact design for unobtrusive heating
  • Adapts to your lifestyle and climate conditions to save energy
  • Up to 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage heater(1)
  • Easy-to-use controls and boost element
  • Up to 10 years manufacturer's warranty(2)
  • Make it smart with a Dimplex Hub

What savings can I make with Quantum storage heaters?

Save up to £390 on your energy bills if you replace your old storage heaters - that's up to a 27% saving(1). And if you currently use convector heaters, you'll save even more - up to a massive 46%(3)

Electric heating running costs for a 1960 home

electric and storage heater running costs for a 1960s house. Can't see the image? Read about it here:

Based on a 65m2 2 bed home as built with typical 1960s building regulations as found in this detailed report

Electric heating running costs for a 1990 home

electric and storage heater running costs for a 1960s house

Based on a 65m2 2 bed home as built with typical 1990s building regulations as found in this detailed report

Ahmed-Dolphin Family Dimplex Quantum storage heater case study 2017

The results were instantaneous. From the very first time we turned the Dimplex heaters on, we could see the benefits they delivered."

Amy Ahmed-Dolphin, Rowington, Warwickshire
Dimplex smart control Hub and mobile app for Quantum Storage heaters

Dimplex Smart Hub — for FREE!

worth £134(4)

Control and programme your new Quantum storage heaters, individually or together, and track your energy usage with the Dimplex smart hub and app. With your smartphone, you can control them remotely when you're out of the house or away on holiday!

And it's free when you install a Dimplex Quantum storage heater via our selected partners.

Promotion ends 31st March 2021 - T&Cs apply

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What Dimplex Quantum customers say

All the residents I have spoken to have noticed a significant saving in their electricity bills and the best thing is that the heaters are so easy to use.

Mr W, Birmingham

We upgraded the heaters to the Dimplex Quantum heaters and we’ve been really happy with the result. The running cost is maybe half what it was previously and they allow us to set times to heat each room independently as well as having a boost function to get heat outside of the scheduled times...

Mr S, Poynings

A storage heating solution - tailored just for you

Partnering with trusted Dimplex-approved installers, we can help you tailor your electric heating to suit your needs. We can provide full or partial home solutions.

Get the right electric heaters for you

Our installers will take the time to understand how you use each room in your home and advise on the best solution for you. This may include a mix of Quantum storage heaters, panel heaters and even a smart water tank.

Enjoy hassle-free installation

Our trusted Dimplex-approved installers are fully qualified electricians with a wealth of experience in home heating and installation. And while they work, they'll keep the house nice and tidy too.

Gain full control of your heating

Our installers are happy to answer any questions you have and will take you through all the controls including how to use your Dimplex electric heaters, Dimplex hub and app, so you're not left trying to figure it out after they've left.