West Burton A power station

West Burton A is a coal-fired power station near Retford in Nottinghamshire.

  • Plant Manager: Martin Cheetham
  • Units: 4 Units and 4 turbines
  • Total supply to the national grid: 2000MW
  • Start of construction: 1961
  • Start of generation: 1969
  • People: Approximately 250 EDF Energy employees plus over 175 contract partners

West Burton B CCGT power station

West Burton B CCGT is EDF Energy's only gas-fired power station. It has three combined cycle units capable of generating enough electricity for approximately 1.5 million UK homes.

  • Head of Gas Operations: Tilly Spencer
  • Number of Combine Cycle Gas Turbines: Three units with a combined output of 1332MW
  • Gas connection: 19KM gas pipeline to supply gas to the site
  • Start of construction: 2008
  • Start of generation: 2013
  • People: Approximately 50 full time EDF Energy employees, plus additional supplier partner support employed during station outage
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Contact West Burton

EDF Energy West Burton Power Station, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 9BL

  • West Burton A
    • Reception: 01427 882100
    • Community requests: Richard Renshaw - 01427 882067
  • West Burton B
    • Reception: 01777 274659
    • Community requests: Business Support Team - 07875 115288
  • Media requests: Martyn Butlin - 01524 863565

Power station - West Burton A

Cottam and West Burton A are coal-fired power stations near Retford in Nottinghamshire, capable of generating enough electricity for approximately 7.5 million UK homes. 

Power station - West Burton B CCGT

West Burton B CCGT is a gas-fired power station in Nottinghamshire. It has three open-cycle gas turbines capable of generating enough electricity for approximately 1.5 million UK homes.

Latest news

Format: 22/10/2019
Format: 22/10/2019
Pupils at West Burton and Cottam's LabLive event
Thursday, December 20, 2018

Punk rock, sea life and a robot orchestra

PUPILS from seven local schools were treated a superb science show as EDF Energy’s West Burton, CCGT and Cottam power stations teamed up with Cheltenham Science Festival.


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