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Sign up to our Heat Pump Tracker trial

We would love for you to be a part of our trial! Just answer a few questions below and we'll check your eligibility so you can enjoy our discounted prices. Don't worry if your smart meter isn't set up to send us your info every 30 minutes we'll take care of it for you during registration. Looking forward to having you on board!

All questions must be answered, unless marked (Optional)

I have a smart meter

If you're an EDF customer you'll need to get a smart meter installed before you can sign up to our trial book a smart meter installation appointment now. Once your smart meter has been installed you can then sign up to our trial.

We'll need to check your smart meter is set up to send half-hourly meter reads. If it isn't we'll change this for you so you can sign up for the trial.

Do you have a working in home display?
If you've got a smart in-home display, you can still use it to check out how much energy you're using in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Just ignore the £ and pence display once your new tariff goes live as these won't be accurate. But no need to fret—your smart meter will fully handle all your tariff rates and energy usage. You can easily view all this information through your Energy Hub. So just sit back and relax while your smart meter does all the hard work for you!
I have a heat pump installed
Tell us your heat pump manufacturer

You need a heat pump to sign up to our trial tariff. Don't worry we can help you, we work with CB Heating who are experts at finding you the perfect heat pump for your home. Answer a few questions to get you started