Get more from pay as you go

With a smart pay as you go meter you can now top up online, saving you the time and effort of finding a shop. Say hello to topping up on the move and automatic top ups, a more convenient way to manage your payments. 

Getting started

Once your smart meter has been installed you can make your first top up within 24 hours.  If you have any balance left on your old meter, this will transfer to your new meter, usually by the next day. Don’t worry we will ensure you stay connected until you are able to top up. 

Watch video: Smart meter pay as you go - your in-home display

In-home display

View your balance and monitor your energy usage – you can even set a budget. Spot when you use the most energy and make changes to help you save money. View our video on how to get the most out of your in-home display.

Low balance alerts mean you’ll never get caught out

You’ll receive low balance alerts at £5 to remind you to top up. Personalise your low balance alerts in MyAccount.

Set and forget with automatic top-ups

Choose when you want to top up your meter and by how much. We’ll then take the payments automatically from your chosen debit or credit card. Set up auto top ups in MyAccount.

Your smart usage

Choose half hourly meter readings in MyAccount.  With more data, we can show you when your energy usage peaks, so you can make better decisions about how you use your energy.

More ways to top up


Top up whenever and wherever you like, using MyAccount

Over the phone

 We have an automated line for topping up. Call us on 0333 200 5108.(1)

At the shop

Top up manually at any shop displaying the PayPoint symbol.

Need help and support on smart PAYG?

View the terms and conditions of this payment method in our 'Pay as you go explained' booklet.