The EDF Energy Personalised Support Service brings together the five services for helping customers most in need. We've set up dedicated teams to offer advice in the following areas:

  • Help finding the cheapest tariff and way to pay
  • Help reducing energy use
  • Help with debt
  • Help with specific needs
  • Help beyond energy

Help finding the cheapest tariff and way to pay

We have various ways to check that you're on the best tariff and advice on which payment method is best for you.

Make sure you're on the best tariff

We'll look at your current tariff and see if there's a cheaper option we can offer you.

Direct Debit

If you're not already paying by Direct Debit and you have a standard credit meter we can set you up.

Other payment methods

We understand that not everyone can pay by Direct Debit, so we've other ways you can pay to help you budget.

Help reducing energy use

Energy saving tips

Our energy saving tips can help you reduce your energy usage and could save you money.

Help with debt

If you're in debt we can provide support and help through our services below

The EDF Energy Debt Helpline

We've set up a dedicated service for EDF Energy customers with the Plymouth Citizens Advice Bureau. They'll give you independent advice on how to manage your energy bills and any other debt advice you may need.

The EDF Energy Trust

Provides grants if you're struggling with debt and provides practical help to keep you out of debt.

Help with specific needs

If you, or someone you know needs additional help with the services we provide, you can register yourself, or them, on our priority services register.

Priority services register can help in a number of ways such as:

  • Providing important communications in Braille, large print or audio CD
  • Free password scheme
  • Meter reading services
  • Quarterly meter reads


Help beyond energy

If you require help beyond your energy bills we can help through offering advice and support through the services below.

IncomeMAX Benefit Entitlement Support Service

We have set up a dedicated service for EDF Energy customers with IncomeMAX, a social enterprise that helps people to maximise their household income. They specialise in checking whether you're claiming the state benefits and tax credits you're entitled to, and will help you through the process of making a claim.