EDF Energy has teamed up with IncomeMAX, a social enterprise that helps people to maximise their household income. If you’re struggling to pay your household bills because you live on a low income, even if you’re working, then you may be missing out on additional income you could qualify for. 

IncomeMAX can help you find out whether there are any state benefits and tax credits you may be missing out on, and give advice on other ways to save money. They’ll also help you through the process of making a claim, providing you with the support you need along the way. 


What to expect on a referral

IncomeMax will complete a confidential financial assessment with you, to understand your current circumstances. They’ll look at your current income including things like benefits if you already receive them, or wages if you’re working. They’ll also talk through things like how many children you have, family health issues or disabilities and your housing costs like rent or mortgage payments.

IncomeMax will tell you if they’ve identified any new income for you, including benefits, charitable grants and help for energy and water bills. If new income is identified, IncomeMax will explain how you can apply. They are more than happy to help if you need assistance with applications or making telephone calls. You can call and speak to your IncomeMax adviser at any time if you need extra help or assistance. 

How have IncomeMax supported our customers?

  • Over £1.5 million claimed in additional benefits and back dated payments for customers during January 2018 -December 2018
  • 93% of cases referred to IncomeMax identified a new income
  • An average benefit increase of £456(1) where identified 

How to request a referral

To make sure you’re receiving your full financial entitlement please click here. You’ll be directed to our Priority Services Tool where you’ll be asked to enter your details and will also be given the opportunity to take up other great services we offer.

Please note this process will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.