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Get help if you're struggling to pay your electricity or gas bill

We're here to support you if you need help to pay your energy bills or manage your debt

Log into MyAccount below to see your past payments or make a payment

How we will support you with your energy bill payments

The first and most important thing to do is call our debt helpline on 0333 009 6992 to tell us you can't pay your energy bills. The sooner you talk to us, the quicker we can help.

Our team are there Monday to Friday: 8 am-6 pm and can ensure you get the right support for your needs and circumstances.

Don't cancel your Direct Debit payments before speaking to us

  • You could incur a late payment charge
  • Your unit prices might go up
  • Stopping paying your bills could also affect your credit rating

What happens if you don't pay

We never want to take legal action against our customers, including customers who have left us. But this can happen if you don't talk to us to try to find you a better payment option.

Our actions could mean you incur further costs from us, like a late payment charge of £10. This could also affect your credit score, impacting future mortgage, mobile phone and credit card applications. More details can be found in the help centre

We want to work with you to find the best solution.

Call our debt helpline

Here are some of the options we can offer if you're finding it difficult to pay your energy bills

Take control with a smart Pay As You Go meter

We can agree on smaller debt repayments with you when you switch to a smart Pay As You Go meter. You'll also be able to:

  • Budget more easily as you'll see where you use energy
  • See exactly how much you're spending in pounds and pence
  • Set up alerts in MyAccount to get a text or email reminder to top up
  • Activate emergency credit if your balance drops below £1
  • Top up whenever, from wherever you are - with our phone app, in MyAccount, by phone, or in a shop with a PayPoint symbol

Book your smart meter installation

Or call us on 0333 200 5104(2) to book an installation appointment.

You could change your payment method, how often you pay or look to see if a repayment plan works for you

Save when you switch to Direct Debit

You'll save more money when you pay by Direct Debit(3) because you'll pay less for every unit of energy you use.

It's quick and easy to change your payment method online:

Log into MyAccount and select 'Payment Method Change'. You can also register for MyAccount if you haven't used it before.

Pay less, more often

Do you currently pay a big bill every three months? Instead, you may find it easier to pay a smaller, more manageable amount every month.

It's quick and easy to change your payment method online: 

Log into MyAccount and select 'Payment Method Change’.You can also register for MyAccount if you haven't used it before.

There is help for our customers who need that extra support

Sign up to our Priority Services Register

Our priority services include the following;

  • Getting your bills and letters in large font, Braille or talking bills

  • Making sure your health and well-being are protected if there’s a power outage

  • Free gas safety checks to make sure your appliances are safe

  • Arranging for anyone visiting you to have a pre-agreed password to confirm their identity

  • Arranging for a smart meter to be installed or for someone to read your meter regularly if you can't

  • Arranging for someone you trust to manage your bills for you

Get help from our support fund

If you're a vulnerable customer, you may be able to get a grant from the EDF Customer Support Fund. 

More information on how to access this service and the steps you need to take are outlined in the section on our Priority Services area.

Find out about the support fund


Government support on energy bills

The government have launched several schemes to help customers through this challenging time. View information about these on their website.

These included;

  • The Energy Price Guarantee.  From 1 July 2023, households without prepayment or smart PAYG meters will no longer qualify, and customers will move back to paying the rate set by Ofgem's price cap. The Energy Price Guarantee will remain until the end of March 2024 should energy prices increase above £3,000 per year.


Speak, Seek, Save

In partnership with Energy UK, Ofgem and Citizens advice, we’re delivering the Winter 2023 Voluntary Debt Commitment.

We continue to give help and support to customers in debt, while also helping customers manage their energy bills more effectively through the Speak, Seek, Save campaign.

Find out about the Winter 2023 Voluntary Debt Commitment

There's also free, independent debt advice available from these organisations

Advice from the Money Advice Service

The UK government set up this free service to provide free, impartial money advice. Try the Budget Planner to help you take control of your money.

Get advice from the Money Advice Service

Maximise your household income

We've teamed up with IncomeMAX, who can work with you to identify ways to increase your income, reduce bills and deal with any problem debts.

Use IncomeMaxs' handy guide to view more information on benefits and financial schemes that may be available to you.

Support from National Debtline

While we don't have a partnership with the National Debtline, an independent charity that provides free debt advice, they have some great tools and can help if you're seeking advice.

Get support from the National Debtline

Help from Citizens Advice Plymouth

We've been working with Citizens Advice Plymouth for ten years. They provide free, impartial advice on debt and benefits. You can also reach out to them for independent debt advice before you apply for extra support through the EDF customer support fund.

Get help from Citizens Advice

Are you one of our business customers needing extra help?

We're here to help our business customers. We've pulled all the information into one place. Find out how we can help.

How we've been helping customers every year

ECO scheme
Under the last ECO scheme we ran to date, we've helped 1,729 customers install energy efficiency measures in their homes. We want to help other customers too, which all adds up to improving energy efficiency across the UK. Want to know more about the scheme?  
Find out more information on the Ofgem website.

Warm Home Discount scheme
Last year we supported customers with a £150 Warm Home Discount rebate. 
Find out about WHD and see if you are eligible

Number 1 in Customer Service
Our Customer Service is consistently well rated by Citizens Advice in their Energy Supplier Performance Table. From July to September 2022 we were rated as the top energy supplier for Customer Service again.
See the most up to date Energy Supplier Performance Table

Need more information?

Head over to our FAQs for more information about payments and what happens if you can't pay

Call our debt helpline