First delivery to HPC of permanent equipment via Combwich Wharf

Combwich Wharf has facilitated the delivery of four large tanks. The tanks are a part of the design for the diesel generators and formed the first piece of permanent equipment to arrive at Hinkley Point C via Combwich Wharf.

Constructed in a factory in the Czech Republic, the tanks set off on their journey in mid-September, travelling by a combination of sea and road to arrive at their final destination, Hinkley Point C, at the end of October. Along the way, the tanks passed through Slovakia, Bratislava and Rotterdam.

The marine leg of the journey was undertaken by Osprey – a specialist logistics business based in Portishead, Bristol. John O’Connor, Osprey’s Commercial Director, said: “Our team has been on site, on hand, and on board from start to finish. Getting the equipment delivered safely was our priority; getting the right people involved from the outset meant we were working in real partnership, all the way.”

As each tank is 6.5m in diameter and 10m long, the final leg of their journey involved being carefully delivered under escort between the village of Combwich and Hinkley Point C site. 

The diesel generators are just one of the many safety features built into the design of the power station’s nuclear reactors. Once commissioned, Hinkley Point C will supply power to the National Grid, the generators are a back-up measure to ensure that, if required, the station can supply its own power.

Ed Simmons, HPC Project Manager for the Equipment team, said: “The team has spent three years working on the design stage for the diesels equipment so it was a very exciting moment to see the first bit of kit arrive on site. I felt like an expectant father, and am proud to welcome the generators to their permanent home.”

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