The changes affecting the National Grid bring great challenges – and the businesses that respond quickly and effectively will thrive. Here at EDF Energy, we can help you do that. The key is flexibility. The National Grid needs UK businesses to implement onsite generation and battery storage, to help balance the network and keep it stable.

With EDF Energy’s commercial battery storage solutions, your business can shift demand from high to low cost periods. Best of all, your business can generate additional revenue streams from providing flexibility services to system and network operators.

Our battery storage solutions optimise your onsite generation and increase your energy supplying resilience.

How can commercial battery storage benefit my business?

  • Create new revenue streams. Take part in flexibility and wholesale markets using our unique PowerShift platform.
  • Avoid peak-time energy costs. Charge during cheaper periods and discharge during higher cost periods.
  • Make the most of onsite generation. You can be flexible, secure your supply and be more environmentally friendly when you create energy on site.
  • Secure your supply. Manage supply quality and eliminate network disruption risks.
  • Benefit from our partnerships with leading battery suppliers. Enjoy lifetime warranties on operations and maintenance.

Battery storage is an essential part of adapting your energy use. For ultimate flexibility, take advantage of EDF Energy's PowerShift platform – ensuring you lower costs, make money, and meet your low carbon targets.

Read our blog on the business case for commercial battery storage and the role it has to play in a decentralised energy landscape. 

Getting set up is simple

  1. The first step is an onsite visit. We’ll provide a spec based on your site load, grid connections and consumption data.
  2. Then we’ll discuss finance options. We offer funding and revenue options where we cover either all or part of the investment or you can fund the project yourself.
  3. Lastly, we’ll run through the contract and installation. Once these are complete your battery is ready to go. Supply comes from the National Grid to your meter, with your metered supply feeding your demand and battery storage. This maximises load shifting and enables participation in external storage markets.
West Burton: EDF Group’s 49 MW mega-battery helps to balance the electricity grid in the United Kingdom.

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