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Moving location

Moving from one business site to another can be time-consuming. Don’t let your energy supply hold you up.

Help us to help you for that stress-free move:

It's important to let us know of the move (or change of liability) within 28 days of it happening.
The sooner the better.
Submitting the right information to the right place will ensure we can process the request quicker.

Moving in

Are you moving in to (taking liability of) a property supplied by EDF?

Incoming customer


Moving out

Are you moving out of (relinquishing liability) a property supplied by EDF?

Outgoing customer


Before you start...

We'll need a few things from you:

  • MPAN
  • Move Date (change of liability)
  • Supporting legal documents (e.g. signed lease / tenant agreement, legal sale document, land registry, etc...)
  • Incoming business/customer details (liable for the property going forward)
  • Meter readings (if NHH meter)
  • An LOA if you're doing this on behalf of a customer/client

Any missing information may result in COT being cancelled.

Questions? We're here to help:

Not sure if EDF supply your premises? What do we mean change of liability/liable for the property going forward? Not sure if you're a business, small business or residential customer?

How do I find out if EDF supplies energy to my new property?

You could ask the landlord/letting agent or the previous owner or tenant. Your local electricity distribution company will also be able to help you. To find your local distribution company, you can use the Energy Networks Association postcode search tool.

Where can I find my MPAN?

The MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) consists only of numbers and uniquely identifies your supply point to your energy supplier. It is printed on your electricity bill - normally found on the front summary page or the detailed breakdown pages. In the image below, it's the 13 digits across the bottom row.


Contacting your Electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

When do I need to tell you of a move or change in liability?

The sooner the better. On a move-out (change in liability) if 28 days have already passed we can only process the request from the date you notified us (i.e. today).

What supporting documents do you require?

We need a completed legal document of the transfer for the date you are requesting, i.e. signed Lease/tenant agreement, Legal Sale/sold document, Land Registry, Works completion certificate, TR1/TR5 Document, Certificate of Incorporation, UMSO Cerificate (unmetered only).

How long will the process take?

If we have all the information required, the process will be completed within 28 days from the date we were notified. Where we require further information, we'll contact you and you'll be notified once completed. The outgoing customer will receive a confirmation email/letter, while the incoming customer will have a welcome pack emailed to them. Please be aware contacting us for updates within the 28 days will cause delays.