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Meter readings

Submit your meter reading via MyBusiness

Take control and discover easy ways to manage your energy account online with MyBusiness.

Log in to submit meter readings, view electronic invoices, raise and track queries, and get immediate access to consumption data.

Need help?

Follow our handy checklist for reading meters:

  1. Always read meters from left to right
  2. Be aware that the dials and numerals rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise
  3. If the pointer falls between numbers (note the direction of dial) always use the lower number 


Online account management made simple - it’s even easier to submit and keep track of your meter readings with your online account. 

With your online account, you can also

  • Use advanced search
  • Get immediate access to your data
  • Online query management
  • Electronic invoices
  • Easy account management

All available to you as an EDF customer. Why not make your life easier?